Hot Chocolate Design, from Venezuela to your Feet

I am not a fashion blogger – let’s get that out of the way – but I am a woman and I love shoes! I have more shoes than I can fit in my closet and I don’t see a problem with that! LOL… The shoe market can be sometimes, or appear to be, saturated. I mean how many pairs can we own that are different and unique (without breaking the piggie bank)

So when I came across this Venezuelan brand I felt in love right away. Not only they are designed in Venezuela (my other home country) but they are the cutest flat shoes out there!

I am a high heels kind of person but everyone needs a pair or two of flats.


Hot Chocolate Design:

The idea started in 2003 when Venezuelan graphic designers Carolina Aguerrevere and Pablo Martinez  started experimenting with fashion on their own. At first, they came out with a pair of flats just for Carolina. These flats were a hit among their friends. It didn’t take long for everyone to ask her where they could get a pair like hers.

So they started by making 30 pairs of shoes and selling them to friends and relatives. What makes them so unique is their dynamic and distinctive design, that includes two shoes (one for each foot) that are independently different yet in synch.

“When we made the first pair of Chocolaticas we decided to make them different. We spent days thinking about the designs and we concluded that feet are only together when they aren’t walking. From that moment, we decided to make one design for each foot.”


Photo by Anais Sambrano

Chocolaticas, is their main shoe line, however, it’s not their only one. Double Topping is another quirky line with the same concept but in a high chunky heel. Other shoe lines include   Alpargaticas, Gomitas, Mini Chocolaticas y Baby Chocolaticas. They also offer a line of hand bags, purses, swimming suits and more recently wallets for men. However, only Chocolaticas, Mini Chocolaticas and Double Topping are available internationally. Other models/lines available in Venezuela.

Hot Chocolate Design is available in Canada, Australia, Chile, Curacao, England, Spain, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, New Zeland, Norway, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and United states, with authorized retailers and through

Fun Fact!  Whoopi Goldberg has 6 pairs of Chocolaticas! how fun and cool is that?


Hot Chocolate Design was kind enough to send me a pair of their shoes for me to try. I received the model picture above – The Sailor – The shoes are not only cute but extremely comfortable and well made. The rubber heel is nice and strong yet flexible, and it grips perfectly to the ground, so no slips or nasty falls in these shoes!

They are perfect for Spring or Summer and they go well with both jeans and shorts. I must say I’ve had the same reaction Carolina once had with her shoes, so many people have asked me about my sailor shoes, therefore  have listed at the end of this post all the information you need to get your very own Chocolaticas.

The sizes do run a little big so keep that in mind when you order online. If you have a little girl in your life you can get matching shoes like my friend Anais and her lovely little girl did for a photo session. They are both sporting Chocolaticas in Venezuelan flag design. Aren’t they uber adorable?

Photo by Rickys Portfolio

Where to Find Hot Chocolate Design

Buy at:  Or Find other authorized retailers at

Twitter  @HotChocolateD


Instagram > @hotchocolateinternational

Pinterest >



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