Weekend Snapshots I

Hey, hey hey! How was your weekend? Mine was particularly busy and productive! Good busy though filled with flowers, outdoors, fresh air and a workshop by Lisa Carey for Houston Latina Bloggers Mentorship program. I learned so much that I finally did it! Hey! I am a dot com!! Onixj Healthy Living is finally all grown up! When I first started blogging I never thought it would grow so much, and for a very very long time I contemplated the idea of being a .com but I was so scared of the migration! So thanks Lisa for helping me figure it all out.

Due to this fantasticness! (is that a word?) I decided to link-up to my wonderful partner in crime, Houston Latina Blogger Ariana from http://www.3twentysix.com on her super cool Weekend Snapshots Series this week. So here we go! Sharing a little snapshot into my world, my tribe, my family and my passions.

First was my mom’s birthday on Friday! Yay! Happy Bday mom! We had a little cake at her house and things got pretty sticky! Saturday we woke up and had a game of scrabble in bed, and later the husband and I went to Lowes to pick some flowers; we saw fresh Kale in a pot! yeah pretty exciting I know, we are considering adding that to our kitchen garden whenever that happens… probably by summer. Then we took my mom to P.F Changs and had a stupid amount of food.

Sunday Funday was HLB time! Houston Latina Bloggers mentorship program, of which I only share a picture of a foodie concoction created by fellow blogger friend Sharon from Bitchy Business Briefs (she is hilarious and smart!) The rest of the Sunday the little dude, the husband and I spent at the Mercer Arboretum in Humble, TX. Some fantastic shots there! lots of fun BUT I dropped my iPhone and my screen is now cracked *sad face*

Anyway, enough words I leave you here with a few of my favorite Weekend Snapshots.









5 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots I

  1. Congrats on becoming a .com! Doesn’t it make things feel so much more official? Your pics are amazing – I never knew that’s what kale looks like when it’s growing. I have intentions to plant a garden this year, but I’m notoriously horrible with plants. Maybe this’ll be my year, though.

    Thanks for linking up!


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