Farouk Systems: Education, Environment and Ethics + Product Review

[ This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Farouk Systems and Lopez Marketing.]

Every decade a new hair trend, a new health trend, a new fashion trend, a new everything new trend. This is the natural dynamics of the world we live in. And this is perfect because not only it allow us to reinvent ourselves but it gives us room to evolve. Brands are just the same as us in the quest of happiness, it is just a different kind of happiness. We buy, they sell!

A little while back I had the amazing opportunity to visit the CHI headquarters in Houston.  Farouk Systems, Inc. is a Houston based company that manufactures a range of high-quality professional hair care products. It has a few recognized brands under its umbrella, which include CHI® and BioSilk®.

Farouk Systems was founded in 1986 by Farouk Shami, a hairdresser, with the mission to provide the professional beauty industry with the most advanced American technology based upon ‘Education, Environment and Ethics’.

Education,  Environment, and Ethics; These three things are what sparked my interest in Farouk Systems.



Farouk Systems not only keeps hairdressers up to date with the latest in hair care technology but they also formed a unique partnership with the Lone Star College Cosmetology program in which students have the opportunity to develop cosmetology skills with a hands-on program while they also learn about CHI and Biosilk technologies.

Our cosmetology courses are taught by seasoned faculty with significant experience as professional cosmetologists. They have also undergone specialized training at the Farouk Systems headquarters in north Houston and use the Farouk Systems methods, and the CHI™, Biosilk, and Sunglitz product lines, exclusively, in the instruction of students.


The Environment is a topic I feel strongly about. I am a firm believer of eco-friendly and sustainable products. First impression hair care products come across as being a mixture of chemicals and nasty aerosols. Thankfully that has changed over the years.

Shami’s (Farouk Systems founder) hairstyling career almost came to a halt after he learned that he was allergic to the ammonia in hair dyes. But that didn’t stop him, that spurred him to invent the world’s first ammonia-free hair dye, which launched his business career – Source: dallasnews.com

The ideas kept coming. Adding silk to hair products to strengthen hair created Silk Therapy. He developed the CHI straightening iron and an organic hair care line based on the nourishing properties of olive oil became CHI Organics. Farouk Systems organic line has taken flight and now includes many other products, some out in the market and some due to be launched this year.



Their offices adhere to high ethical standards as well as their products. All working environments are  safe, clean, and filled with natural light. No signs of discrimination or employee dissatisfaction were visible during our visit.

Farouk systems is also highly involved with the community. Not only with their involvement with Lone Star College Cosmetology Program but with different donations and contributions done through the years. During our visit, Farouk Systems contributed to the Houston Latina Bloggers for our workshop and training program, as well as to the Salvation Army of Houston.



Product Review: CHI TEA TREE OIL

I had the chance to test and review a few of the CHI and Biosilk products for this post. From all of them, the CHI Tea Tree Oil Line was my favorite of them all. My hair felt clean and fresh, renewed and natural. The scent of this product line is very mellow and fresh, not overpowering at all. My hair (which is heavily dyed) was shiny, without frizz and overall light and flowy.

I was very impressed with the natural ingredients, and I love the fact that all CHI products are cruelty-free.


Key Ingredients & Benefits* 
• Tea Tree Oil – Natural antioxidant unclogs pores and removes build up while replenishing moisture to soothe and condition the scalp. 
• Peppermint Oil – Provides a refreshing and awakening sensation while helping to normalize and balance scalp oils to relieve dry scalp.
• Silk – Replenishes moisture while adding strength and shine.
• Chamomile – Protects and maintains hair’s strength and resilience, building a natural layer of resistance to damaged.

*Source: http://farouk.com

Last but not least, I do want to talk about Biosilk. When it was first developed, Biosilk had only one line. Now there are quite a few lines depending on your hair needs ( Silk Therapy, Color Therapy, Hydrating Therapy) But keeping things classic we tried the Biosilk Silk Therapy both original and lite versions. The non-sticky feeling of this oil is simply fantastic! You can use this product not only on your hair but on your skin too with fantastic baby skin soft results. I am in love! I want to bathe in it!


“BioSilk is the original silk infused line of hair care products using natural pure silk. Silk contains 17 of the 19 amino acids in hair and is the strongest fiber in the world. Silk reconstructs damaged cuticles, strengthens hair, adds moisture, and revitalizes and rejuvenates hair for soft, supple, shiny results. Silk also protects against heat, cold, humidity, UV rays and pollution.”

Overall I was impressed with both the natural organic lines of CHI, and with Farouk Systems Inc as a whole. Farouk Systems Inc has proven to be an ethical company ready to evolve with the demands of its market. A company that cares for its community and wishes to provide more and better opportunities for everyone. A company that embraces technology and who isn’t afraid to be the first one to jump into the abyss of innovation.

A company that will keep surprising us with many new developments to come in 2016.




2 thoughts on “Farouk Systems: Education, Environment and Ethics + Product Review

    1. Hi Nicole,
      No I wouldn’t say that. As a matter fact I don’t recall saying that in the article either.
      According to online sources “CHI and Biosilk Animal Testing Policy; Not Cruelty-Free. Both CHI and Biosilk are owned by Farouk Systems and they state that some of their products are sold in mainland China, as a result, their products must be tested on animals and CHI and Biosilk are not considered cruelty-free”
      Which is a shame, and I do understand your concern​​r, thanks for mentioning it. My article (in this particular case) just goes to show light into how the company works with the local community, many of which are minorities. Thank you for reading ❤


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