Weekend Snapshots | TWO

Another week another weekend! How do these go so fast? One minute its Monday and next thing .. its Monday again. no? only me? ok.. Well, this weekend was fun and educational. Saturday morning my son and I went to Nature Fest at Jesse Jones Park, in Humble. We loved it! The event takes place every year and its free of charge. Everyone was helpful and polite, there were a lot of kid-friendly activities, food, live music, snakes, tortoises, and many nature related things.

We learned about Texas Snakes, and also about the Monarch Butterfly. Did you know that: 

  • A black spot on an inside surface of its hind wing distinguishes the male Monarch butterflies from the females that have no such spot
  • The monarch butterfly does not have lungs; breathing takes place through tiny vents in the thorax or  abdomen called spiracles, and an organized arrangement of tubes called trachea, distribute the oxygen through the Monarch’s body system

After that, my little man and I went to see Zootopia at AMC Cinemas. Paid the little extra for the Dolby Cinema AMC Prime viewing and OMG. I don’t think I can do regular cinema anymore after this. The chairs recline with the touch of a button and there is so much leg room! The movie was amazing. It was funny, witty, clever, and cute. The storyline is entertaining for both parents and kids.

Sunday was Mother’s Day in the UK – the motherland – So since both my mum and I had kids in England we celebrate that date too! Hey, don’t judge me, I can have two Mother’s Days a year. So my dad made us a Venezuela brunch with arepas, black beans, eggs, fresh orange juice. It was delicious! Later on, my mum and I went shopping, because yes! what else can you do on Mother’s Day? I got a pair of Christian Siriano floral heels and hangbag(s) —- yes there was a sale!

Continuing with his chef-like abilities he made us Peruvian Aguadito and Roast Chicken for dinner. My husband had never had Aguadito before but it looks like he likes, so perhaps I need to learn how to make it too.

Anyway, here are my Weekend Snapshots, inspired to join by my favorite Argentinian-American partner in crime Ariana from http://www.3twentysix.com If you love dogs, all things Texas cool, fine beer and super awesome Tees you should go read her blog.

Nature Fest


Zootopia Time!


Venezuelan Brunch for British Mother’s Day


Christian Siriano Shoes and Bags


Peruvian Aguadito



3 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots | TWO

  1. Ahhh. I wish I had know about the nature fest but I am going to look up the park to see about other events! I have been wanting to go out there for our park series!! And omg. the food, YUM!!! And the flower print shoes and handbag, LOVE!!! I saw someone post about Mums Day on Saturday and forgot to ask you! You guys had a good and busy weekend, love it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Those shoes!!! *swoon* Personally, I think Mother’s Day should happen at least once a month. Nature Fest sounds super cool – I need to make an effort to find out about more events like that before they happen instead of after.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    Liked by 1 person

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