Weekend Snapshots | 3

Another weekend of 2016, boom! gone! So many good things happened this weekend! I really do enjoy the Weekend Snapshots Series. It gives me a chance to sit down and reflect on all the things I did and accomplished over the weekend. It is a very good and gratifying exercise. The series was created by one of my favorite persons Ariana, from 3TwentySix. A few of us now link up with her every Monday for the Weekend Snapshots, so if you like what you see here, please do head over to her blog and see hers! Also, if you like all things Texas, Dogs, Pizza and Bike Riding related you definitely need to go see her pictures. Also linking up with Ariana for the series is Jessica! from THE REINVENTION OF JESSICA. Check her out she is cool beans! Also, I saw a sneak peek of their weekend and i forsee pictures of those two having fun around Htown.

Anyway, enough with the introductions already.

The weekend “officially” started Friday night with a veggie pizza and Maple Water with the Mr. I had read a lot about Maple Water so I was super excited when I saw it at HEB. Maple water has minerals and natural goodness! It is like regular water but better! My husband also had a try, but I don’t think he liked it much. In his words “water is not meant to taste like this” LOL I love this man, always willing to try anything and any “weird” healthy drink or food I bring his way haha. And yes, granted Maple Water has a hint of unexpected unsweet “mapleness” to it, but I liked it! lol, We did some research as we sat there sipping and wow! the water comes straight out from the Maple tree. You see the tree gets rid of all its water naturally every fall as it prepares for the winter.

It is pretty amazing. Because of this process, however, Maple Water isn’t cheap.


Saturday: We had our first Wellness and Beauty Event at Houston Latina Bloggers. It was a success! So happy to read so many good reviews from the attendants, and so glad it went well. We had some brilliant sponsors, and speakers and a lovely spring day. We were worried about rain since Houston had a pretty wet week. However, the weekend was beautiful, warm and sunny.


Sunday: Started the day with 32onz of Green Tea Chia Seed Limeade! I love Green Tea, I have been drinking two 32onz bottles a day, and today added a sprinkle of Chia to the mix!.

After that, it was spring cleaning time! My son has way too many Legos, seriously. It is possible to have too many Legos, the little things get everywhere. I cleaned his whole room, got rid of old, broken toys, random candy (what? why is that in his room) and all sorts. Legos are all in place! and his room looks nice and clean – let’s see how long that lasts.



An afternoon walk around the lake was the highlight of the day! A stunning sunset was captured on camera. Pinks, blues, soft light and the perfect timing to see a beautiful bird in mid-flight. I love nature!

Then a one-mile jog, hot shower and coconut tea! The end. It’s Monday again!


How was your weekend?




2 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots | 3

  1. I love those lake pictures! Reminds me of the Pantone colors of 2016.

    I’ve never heard of maple water, but now I’m definitely going to have to try it. I’m trying to increase my water intake, but plain water is so boring, but this maple thing? I think I can get behind that.

    Ya’ll’s HLB event looks like it was amazing!

    Thanks for linking up!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha.. my mom feels the same about “plain water” I love water ❤ adding some fresh fruit to infuse it also helps if you want some extra flavor 🙂


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