Weekend Snapshots | 4

Good morning! It’s officially Spring on this side of the hemisphere! And we are blooming. Make sure you go out there and enjoy the Spring it all its splendor. It is magnificent! This weekend we didn’t do as much as we have done other weekends since we had been busy all week with the Spring Break. Because of this weekend snapshots will also have some pictures of our Spring Break mini adventures.

So this is Spring Break Snapshots edition.

We did a little tour of the city (Houston) in the search for antiques and we ended up having a gorgeous meal at Andes Cafe in Houston. Andes Cafe serves Peruvian, Venezuelan, Bolivian, Ecuadorian, and Colombian foods. So basically the Andes belt countries. I love all of it! I grew up with Venezuelan cuisine so anytime I find some Venezuelan food I get excited. I took my son and my husband who both got the chance to taste some tostones, tequenos, cachapas, chaufa Peruana  and aji de gallina among other delish treats.


Houston has so many little places for the antique enthusiast. We feel in love with a vintage red couch ❤ and saw so many treasures. If you are into vintage, thrifting and antiques there are a few places around the Montrose area to explore.


Houston also has so many good photo op spots! We came across this graffiti too good to miss. It is right in the heart of Montrose between Empire Cafe and Agora.


Right in front of the graffiti we found The Artisan Vapor Company. The husband is working on quitting the nicotine, so he started vaping to ease out the transition. This place was awesome. Friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere, plenty of sitting and complimentary water or coffee is available. You get to try the different “juices” aka vapor flavors and strengths.


We also discovered a hidden gem in Houston – Thank you Coppelia from CoppeliaMarieBlog for the heads up. The Family Skating Center. We had a blast skating old school style. I admit I am pretty rusty, it has been way too long since I last attempted to skate. My little man had so much fun! At $6.75 per person (including gear) it is a very nice and active way to spend a few hours, especially when it’s raining or super hot since it is indoors.


During the spring break, we also did small indoor activities. We made our own playdough with salt, flour, food coloring and water. This is super sticky messy fun! and it’s so easy. We went to the park too, of course. Seeking our never ending connection with nature, and we came across some very cool flowers but I don’t know what they are. Do you?


We ended up our weekend with some chilling time, homemade Italian lunch on Sunday and so much needed rest.


I started reading “The Social Animal” by David Brooks, such a fantastic book if you are into communications, the human mind, and social interaction. We are social beings (granted some are more than others) and we exist to co-exist. There are so many quotes I want to share but I will start with this one. “A feeling of immediate contact with the past is a sensation as deep as the purest enjoyment of art; it is an almost ecstatic sensation of no longer being myself, of overflowing into the world around me, of touching the essence of things, of through history experiencing the truth” – in reference to re-visiting historic locations or being in the presence of antiques and old artifacts. I love history, I love old things so this really touched me.


Another interesting quote, this one about the convoluted and intertwined ways in which the social animal – aka, humans – work together as a whole ” We don’t teach this ability in school – to harmonize patterns, to seek limerence, to make friends. but the happy life is defined by these sorts of connections, and the unhappy life by the lack of them.” 

Anyway, perhaps I need to write an entire post just about this book.

This was our weekend and part of our week. How was yours?




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