Project Jungle Chick: Sustainable Jewelry from Venezuela to the World + GIVEAWAY

As you all know (or maybe don’t) I have Venezuelan roots. So anytime I come across an innovative and good Venezuelan product I get excited. That is exactly what happened a few months ago while browsing Instagram. I came across Project Jungle Chick. I got in touch with them and soon after I was having a Facetime conversation with Irma Bravo, founder of the project.

Irma, born in Ohio with Venezuelan roots, studied Architecture in Venezuela and later at the Parsons School of Design in New York. She is a young, strong, beautiful and successful entrepreneur that like many other women in Venezuela had to find her way in the business world. She got into action and propelled her project: A line of sustainable jewelry inspired by her country and her people.

The difference between Project Jungle Chick and other brands is that they use only local materials (in Venezuela) and they work with local artisans to create the pieces, delivering a product that isn’t only beautiful and handmade, but also sustainable.

By collaborating with local artisans Project Jungle Chick impulses  the local economy and exports a uniquely Venezuelan product in essence and spirit. All the pieces are inspired in Venezuela, using the local flora and fauna as an element of design. One of their lines is called “Wayúu” and it is completely made by using artisan women by the Guajira tribe, using traditional materials and techniques.


The designs are clean, sophisticated, modern and elegant. Not what you would usually think of artisan jewelry. I am in love with the elements, the philosophy, and the end product. Irma has been a pleasure to work with for the purposes of this post, and she has kindly provided two pieces for me to giveaway to my readers.


So, if you like what you see, enter for the chance to win a pair of earrings and matching ring from her Acacia collection.

Project Jungle Chick Acacia Earrings & Ring Set


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