Fight Plastic Pollution with Klean Canteen® #BringYourOwn

A few weeks back I was listening to the walk the talk show Find here:

He was talking about the importance of reusing and recycling, and more importantly, he brought some attention to the way we consume. How many Starbucks Coffees you have in a week? in a month? in a year? Imagine all those to-go cups that go straight into land fields every year. Now times that by every consumer just in the United states?

Plan ahead. Help the environment by making small changes in our consuming patterns. #BringYourOwn is a campaign that encourages consumers to carry their own cups (stainless steel or glass) Also, plastic usually contains lots of toxic ingredients in them, which you end up drinking too. These to-go cups are not recyclable and tend to release a lot if nasties when hot beverages are added to it.

The Walk The Talk Show spoke about Klean Kanteen® and I immediately went on a googled it. I am so glad I did!  Klean Kanteen® is a company completely dedicated to producing stainless steel, eco-friendly, sturdy, and reusable water bottles and drinking supplies. They introduced the world’s first BPA-free metal hydration bottle in 2004, and since then they have grown exponentially.

“At Klean Kanteen, our commitment to you and the planet drives everything we do. From our stainless steel creations to the company we keep, we are firmly fixed on the task of making healthy, high-quality goods that will faithfully replace a lifetime of single-use items. Our hope is that you will go forth and re-use our products for years and even decades to come. One cup, bottle, and container at a time adds up… to big results.” – Jeff and Michelle, Co-Owners, Brother and Sister

Not only that but their environmentally conscious philosophy means they also donate 1% of their profits toward conservation and restoration of the national environment. In 2008, Klean Kanteen® became a member of 1% for the Planet, making a commitment to donate at least 1% of annual sales to non-profit organizations working to protect, preserve and restore the natural environment. How cool is that!

Klean Kanteen® is also politically involved in supporting legislation at the local, state and federal levels that protects the health of people and our planet by limiting exposure to environmental toxins and reducing pollution.

In August 2009, Klean Kanteen® wrote a series of letters to the California State Assembly and individual members to express support for SB 797, a law that would prohibit the manufacture, sale or distribution of food and beverage containers containing BPA or lined with any material that contains BPA at a level greater than .1 parts per billion. The law would also prohibit the sale of infant formula in any can, bottle or other packaging containing BPA.

I soon contacted Klean Kanteen® to talk about their products and environmental efforts and they agreed to send me a sample bottle. I received the Insulated 12oz Kid Kanteen, a perfect kids sized bottle. My son started using it straight away, and he loved it. He loved that it didn’t spill and that he could “drop-and-go” while playing outdoors. The design is clean, eco-friendly and colorful (available in different colors). I loved that is BPA-free, easy to clean, and durable.


I was so in love with the product that I decided to order a few more! Both bottles keep liquids cold for a long time (I didn’t test them with hot liquids, this is Texas, we need cold beverages)

IMG_6348.jpgTheir Reflect 18onz bottle is so esthetically beautiful. Its design is very modern, refined and elegant but it retains its eco-friendly feel. This is definitely the one you want if you are a trendy eco-momma.  Its bamboo cap certainly adds an extra level of refinement and its electropolished interior doesn’t retain or impart flavors.

 It is also easy to clean, durable and study.


Americans throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles every year (source: Brita). Plastic in the ocean breaks down into such small segments that pieces of plastic from a one-liter bottle could end up on every mile of beach throughout the world.


Also, taking into consideration that I want to start bringing my own cups to coffee shops and restaurants – no more to-go cups for me- I purchased two of their cups. Their 1 pint and their 10Onz plus the Pint Lid for those on the go moments. The lid is easy to clean and has a straw hole, perfect for smoothies and juices.



I love how clean and light they are. Super sturdy and durable, BPA-Free, easy to clean and eco-friendly. All great qualities I look for in any product nowadays.

**Please note the stainless steel straws are not from Klean Kanteen. I purchased from another company. Please consider using stainless steel straws too instead of plastic ones.

50 percent of the plastic we use, we use just once and throw away that is enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times.


Overall, I am impressed with the quality and affordability of their products. Klean Kanteen is the perfect alternative to a cleaner environment. Please join the campaign #BringYourOwn together we can fight plastic pollution and keep the world happy. Remember It takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade!

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