Weekend Snapshots |5

Another weekend gone! and wait, wait, what? it is almost April already! Time flies, weeks go by so fast. Make memories, love your people, and hug your friends. That is exactly what I did this past weekend. My cool beans loca friend Ari from 3twentysix.com celebrated her 32nd Birthday on Saturday! She picked an epic location, we went to St. Arnold’s Brewery in downtown Houston. I was a little apprehensive about taking my 10-year-old son with me, because well, alcohol, but in the end, I decided it could be a good learning experience for him.


Let me first say Ariana has earned a special place in my heart. This girl will tell it how it is, she takes no BS from anyone, but at the same time is the most loyal friend ever. She is more than my HLB partner in crime (along with Connie) she is my Argentinian rock star! 😉


So off we went to St.Arnolds, I talked to my son the art of beer crafting (to my knowledge) He had his first “bar experience” and hung out like a pro with the adults. I believe in exposing children to culture and socially rich environments from young ages. I believe it creates a base for them to grow upon, and it gives them a glimpse to the adult world. Everything in moderation of course, after 3-4 hrs of this, he is ready to go back to his legos and video games, lol.

St. Arnolds opens at 11am on Saturdays and you have the option of 3 different tour times (12noon, 1pm, 2pm) You pay $10 per adult (children under 15 go free) for those $10 you get your entry, your tour, a glass and 4 beer tokens. You can redeem your 4 tokens at the bar using your glass and try any of their brews.

I generally don’t like the taste of beer. It is too bitter for me. I asked at St. Arnold’s and they recommended me one of their lightest beers called “The Boiler Room” with a shot of raspberry flavoring. Oh, joy! it is light like a British Shandy (Sprite and beer) with the tartness of the raspberry. I loved it! Later on,  I tried it with the blueberry flavouring, but raspberry was definitely my favorite.


Oh, Ari’s mom made the most delicious, scrumptious yummy Argentinian Empanadas. It has been a while since I’ve had any, and these were just SO good! Thanks for the treat!


My son, however, had a Veggie Burger from St. Arnold’s cafe. It was delicious! and super huge. Well worth the $12.


sSunday, we kept it small and family oriented. My husband, stepson, son and I,  went for an early lunch at Chilli’s – 2 for $20 menu is quite good for weekend lunches with kids. Then we went to watch Batman vs Superman. Eh, I have mixed reviews. The movie is too slow (especially if you are with kids) However, I loved, loved, loved Wonderwoman (of course) and Lex Luthor. But the movie, although it gives us an intro to what it’s to come, just didn’t cut it for me.

We also had a little Easter fun with an egg hunt (money eggs) and some easter buckets I had prepared for the boys 🙂



How was your weekend?




3 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots |5

  1. So, so, so glad you two made it out to the brewery! Even happier with the sweet words about me and our friendship. We’ve known each other for years but recently (thanks to HLB) have had a chance to get to know each other more and I am super grateful for that! Muchos thanks for your friendship and your support!!!


    1. 💕 what goes around comes around lol in a good way this time haha. We had so much fun! We need to do this more often, perhaps with the husband and no kid next time lol (not like the kid wasn’t an awesome companion but you know)


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