Tuesday Thoughts: Philosophical Rambles | Part I

I don’t usually write personal posts. I really don’t. I like to think of my blog more as a catalogue of information than as a diary. However, there are times in which perhaps I feel the need to express myself in writing and this is my only medium.  Who knows this random quasi-philosophical ramble might become a series… “Tuesday Thoughts” 


I am by nature a go-getter, a shameless type-A personality. I don’t have dreams, I have goals. I believe we are all capable of achieving great things when we put our minds to it.

I don’t believe in shortcuts. I believe is self-motivation, self-preservation, and expansion of the mind. I find irrational fears quite annoying – I don’t understand nor do I accept the incongruent and abstract nature of irrational fears. (seriously mind over body, get our game together and conquer the fear, what is the worse it can happen?)

I believe in meritocracy, democracy, and social awareness. I believe in the power of social enterprises and the impact they can leave in the communities they work for. Stand up and do something! Talk about your beliefs, your passions, your goals! But DO more and talk less… Define your footprints in actions, not words.

I believe in a world self-propelled by positive actions; I believe in a utopic wonderland in which sustainability of mind and body are encouraged not diminished. I believe in a world in where we are not ruled by the cognitive symbolism of binary systems. (man/woman good/bad hot/cold) and most importantly, I believe negativism is the seed of all failures. Negative thoughts drain me, they exhaust me, they peel layers of my very limited patience. One by one. Like an onion of feelings (tears and all). Negativity weakens me,  makes me feel like all the air has left my body. And then something magical happens; I stop caring,  which in the end is the other major ingredients for failure. Not caring. Not caring makes giving up an easy task.


I was listening to Dave Brooks, New York Times columnist and author of  “The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement” explain in his TED talk “The Social Animal” that “We are not primarily self-contained individuals, we are social animals, not rational animals. We emerge out of relationships and we are deeply interconnected to one another.” But are we? to what extent do we connect in a truly meaningful way with the people around us? How superficially senseless are we?

Even when we love – Do we love from the inner corners of our selfish needs or  do we love completely unaware of our own needs and put our loved ones first? Why do we have to be in pairs filling  that gap inherited by evolution.

And, if we are social animals destined to live as members of smaller societal groups, what do we make of those who claim to hate humanity and lack the social skills needed to succeed in a world defined by the behaviour of its groups? Do we discard these people as flaws? I am afraid I have more questions than answers…

All I can do, with the task that has been bestowed upon me as the mother of a human child, is to make sure I equip him with the relevant social skills I believe he needs – I probably won’t succeed, not completely anyway, but to the best of my knowledge my work will suffice.

That’s it for now…




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