Mini Makeover Time with CHI Cosmetics and Farouk Systems

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

Last week I was invited as part of Houston Latina Bloggers, to an event sponsored by CHI Cosmetics and Farouk Systems. As part of the ongoing partnership between Houston Latina Bloggers and CHI, we were invited to the LoneStar CHI facilities, located in Houston, for a night filled with pampering.


The CHI Lone Star College-North Harris School of Cosmetology is  one of a kind college that prepares students to succeed in the art of cosmetology while allowing them access to CHI technology.

Our cosmetology courses are taught by seasoned faculty with significant experience as professional cosmetologists. They have also undergone specialized training at the Farouk Systems headquarters in north Houston and use the Farouk Systems methods, and the CHI™, Biosilk and Sunglitz product lines, exclusively, in the instruction of students.

The location is impressive. Big spaces, clean, and high-tech.We were welcomed with tasty treats and open arms. Everyone was fantastic! The sad part for me is I ha just decided to put a hold on all my refined sugar intake, which meant, no cookies for me 😦 lol.

Students at the CHI Lone Star College-North Harris Schol of Cosmetology, have an opportunity to develop cosmetology skills, including hair cutting, permanent waving, hair styling, manicuring, facials, hair coloring, hair straightening and client consultation on hair care products. In addition, the school’s full-service salon offers students a chance to practice their skills on clients from the community (like us!).

Me with a double towel neck lol . Picture by Valerie Juan.
Our gorgeous Amanda. Picture by Valerie Juan



Two makeup artists in-house took turns, transforming our looks and uplifting our moods. It is amazing what some makeup can do now and then. A little bit of blush here and there, and some uber fantastic fake lashes later, our faces were  transformed. Uncomplicated, easy to do at home, earthy tones were recreated for a natural look.


Picture by Valerie Juan


Each one of us was assigned a stylist, who after a brief consultation got ready to work on our manes. I feel so bad for my stylist because I have so much hair! She used CHI Keratin Leave-in Conditioner all over my hair before blow drying, leaving it silky smooth. Then she proceeded to iron with a CHI flat iron straighter, and last but not least, she created some loose curls.

HLB Makeovers! (after picture)

The whole experience was all sorts of fun. After we were ready it was picture time!!! We all felt like super models.


Coppelia’s eyes ❤ Stunning!

Not only was a bonding experience for Houston Latina Bloggers, but it was a fun way to learn more about CHI, their products and the way in which they work with the local community.

For more info about the college, visit:


My curls held beautifully, even  the next day, my curls were looking on point! I can only thank my stylist for it because when I do my own curls they sure don’t last this long lol. If you want to know more about CHI and Houston Latina Bloggers make sure you find them on Instagram @Chiespanol and @HoustonLatinaBloggers 

I will like to thank CHI en EspanolFarouk Systems and Lopez Marketing for this brilliant collab.

What do you think? Have you used CHI hair products before? and if so, which is your favorite product? Mine is definitely the CHI Tree Oil Line 


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