IKEA Houston, a Sustainable Haven

A few weeks back I was invited to IKEA Houston Restaurant grand reopening. IKEA is a brand I have worked before and a brand I have always loved. From my early years as a student back in England, IKEA has always been my to-go place for funky, affordable and colorful furniture and home decor. In the last years, however, I have learned to discover more and more about their indistinctly Swedish food.

So as soon as the opportunity to attend the event knocked my door I jumped into action! I had been looking forward to trying their new Veggie Balls. Everyone loves IKEA’s Sweedish meatballs but, we don’t eat beef so, we were excited to try their equally as good and highly anticipated veggie friendly addition.

The new restaurant at IKEA Houston is located in the same location as the previous one. It features more open spaces and a clean, crisp modern look. It offers a unique space that caters for a variety of target audiences. It is kid and husband friendly (for those of you, who like me need some space while shopping and like sending the kid and husband away to play with their phones so that you can shop in peace, lol).

The restaurant features free WI-FI, a charging station with comfortable couches and wireless charging units for your phones, yes wireless! All you need to do is place your phone on the table over specialized units that charge your phone (this technology is also available for sale at IKEA stores).


It also features a cafe area complete with high tables and stools, perfect for a quick coffee break, or to regroup your thoughts. The restaurant is kid friendly, perfect for shopping mommas, it offers an entire area dedicated to the little ones, featuring entertainment units, colorful spaces and enough room to accommodate for little inquisitive minds and strollers.


Did you know IKEA offers FREE organic baby food? Yes, if you and your baby happen to be at the store and you need some baby food, you can ask at the restaurant!

All materials used come from sustainable and recycled resources. The fabrics used are also for sale at the store, like the HEMTREVNAD, pictured, multicolored, selling price $5.99/yards.

The star of the night for me were the veggie balls, or better known as GRÖNSAKSBULLAR. These little balls are packed with Made from vegetables such as chickpeas, carrots, maize and kale, absolutely no meat, which helps you reduce your carbon footprint!


We also got to taste some delicious Swedish dishes such as the Princess Cakes, SILL INLAGD (Marinated herring w onions+carrots) and their sustainable smoked salmon LAX KALLRÖKT. I was surprised to like the herring that much!. It has a strong flavor but it melts in your mouth with vinegary kick in the end! It is a power rush for your pallet! the herring was served on KNÄCKEBRÖD FLERKORN – which is a crispy thing multigrain cracker, a perfect pairing, and a perfect summer party appetizer too!

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of the food and the green vibe the new restaurant has. Without a doubt a nice little sustainable haven in the middle of Houston. A place where I can take my son and enjoy a nice family time shopping and dining.

Remember you can purchase all IKEA food at the IKEA market located downstairs on the first floor near the cash registers. Bring a little nordic magic into your home and amaze your friends and family.

IKEA Chicken Balls paired with salad, fries and mustard.



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