Artisanal Shopping from Across the World:: Original Wear Travels Abroad

Disclosure: some items reviewed below are not suitable for vegans (leather). However in an effort to promote local and international artisans I have included them in this blog post. 

A few weeks back, and thanks to Houston Latina Bloggers, I came across an online store with an impressive artisanal flair. I met the owner Myriam and immediately clicked with her. Myriam is a traveller and an entrepreneur, who has lived all around the world. Between cultures, languages and colors Myriam started to dip into the fashion world.

“I lived in S. Korea for three years and after the first year, I knew there was a market for clothes that didn’t fit expats. Original Wear Clothing started in 2009 after my first year living there.


Original Wear Travels Abroad aims to bring exotic flavor right  into the fashion heart of Texas. From exclusive handmade handbags made by Indian artisans, to intrinsically handcrafted cuffs and accessories Original Wear is the to go place for that unique statement piece.

Living in three countries now I’ve come to see the differences America is from other parts of the world.

Working with artisans has been a real treasure hunt.  It’s not easy to find people who love what they do and the small families that work these businesses.  It’s an all force front and it’s great to see and be a part of a small growing town that’s also trying to learn how they can be socially responsible.  My artisans have grown so much in their knowledge and technology forefront that its humbling to know it’s because we’ve connected. I take a lot of pride in that.  90% of my items are handmade and from artisans around the world.  India, Mexico expats like myself, Spain, Morocco and Italy.


I felt immediately in love with this brass golden clutch from India. I had to own it! The detail in the clutch is simply a work or art. A perfect golden touch for any occasion day or night! I paired it with a little green boho dress for an afternoon meeting. I love how versatile it is and how much it can “level up” an outfit. Delicate, yet powerful and full of personality.

Size wise is a perfect fit for your phone (I have an iPhone 6) business cards, makeup essentials and debit/credit cards. Or, well to carry your crystals and stones if you must! Lol


For the purposes of this blog post, Myriam provided an exclusive handmade leather cuff by local texas artist Mitch D’Arte. Mitch uses recycled urban style belts to make uber cool cuffs and bracelets.

I love the fact that she recycles! Giving this unique pieces a vintage flair and a fierce look. Repurposing old leather belts, Mitch adds her unique artistic vision creating one of a kind exotic and distinct items.


“Growing up poor has given me a fondness and connection to all things humble which provoke emotions…” Mitch D’Arte

You can learn more about Mitch’s collections at

Another item Myriam kindly provided was this super cool and colorful Morrocan wristlet! The bright colors are perfect for the Texas summer! Paired with skinny jeans and floaty chiffon blouse you are ready to face the summer heat in style.



Beautifully finished inside and out, it offers a two-level compartment plus a small pocket in the back (perhaps for cash or those little mischevious coins!)


It’s elaborated floral inspired design makes it unique. This item is available in different colors. Visit: Original Wear Facebook Shop for more!

Last but not least, this Vaquero meats Boho Chick cuff offers a simple accent to your wrist! If you are going for a delicate look and don’t want to use metal accessories (some people are allergic) you can “dress” your arm with one of these cute cuffs.


Overall I am in love with almost every item Original Wear Travels Abroad has in store! She is constantly re-stocking with more unique, artisanal, recycled and fashionable accesories from around the world! Currently offering a gypsy style Indian blanket that is to die for!

You can find them on Instagram @OriginalWearTravelsAbroad  and on Facebook!  I recommend you follow her on social media so that you can keep up to date with her wonderful finds and get your hands on her accesories! Items ran out fast as she only gets a few of each.

Huge thanks to Myriam from Original Wear Travels Abroad and Houston Latina Bloggers who partnered for this campaing.


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