DIY Family Craft : Sharpie Bowls

Summer is here! Oh, summer… It is the time of the year during in which moms worldwide have to find more ways to keep the kids busy and entertained! I was looking for something easy and mess free to do with two boys, aged 10 and 11. I wanted something useful they could also “take away” with them and remember the moment, so I started my research and I found Sharpie Mugs.

The idea is simple! Use oil based sharpie markers (available at craft stores, I got mine at Michaels) and $1 mugs or bowls from the dollar store. Β I went looking for mugs, but I didn’t find any plain white mugs so instead I did bowls and it turned out better because that way they can use their bowls for cereal or snacks.

NOTE:Β It won’t work with regular Sharpies, so make sure you get the oil based ones.


Then set your ideas free! Allow the kids to use their imagination and work on their design. You can also use stencils, for more intricate designs.


Be careful not to smudge the colored area, the drawings can’t be erased. For the boys, putting the bowl upside down was easier to handle and move around. Make sure you cover your table because the markers will stain surfaces.

After your designs are done, put the mugs or bowls in a cold oven (don’t preheat) and set the temperature to 320F for 20mins. After 20 mins turn off and leave the bowls in the oven until they cool down. Remove carefully and boom! done! Your very own custom designed cereal bowls!

NOTE: Bowls/Mugs wont be dishwasther safe. You can wash by hand and they should stand the test of time, however they wont stand the dishwasher test.



10 thoughts on “DIY Family Craft : Sharpie Bowls

    1. Yes! It is the only “big investment” is the markers but it isn’t crazy expensive. The possibilities are endless! Thanks for stopping by ✨


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