Brickell Men’s Products for Dad #FathersDay

I started my quest to find awesome and eco-friendly, chemical free gift ideas for dad. As you might well know (or not, hi new reader!) I am adamant on the use of natural ingredients and completely against animal testing.

Father’s Day is approaching and there is little time left for shopping!

I came across Brickell Men’s Products. Brickell is designed specifically with men in mind using 100% natural ingredients.

“We use only high quality natural and organic ingredients in every bottle”

The millennial man is now conscious not only of the need of grooming products but also about preserving the environment. Out there we find an  overwhelming amount of men’s skin care and grooming products made with harmful synthetic chemicals. These have proved to be bad for our health and for the environment (think contamination of water sources). Scientific studies also suggest these toxins used in food and grooming products penetrate the skin, accumulating in the body’s organs and causing major health issues (cancer, disease, chronic conditions, etc).


So if you don’t think you should use natural grooming products, think again! Brickell has a wonderful selection of products from after shave to body wash and everything in between. They use ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Shea on their products creating subtle, gentle on the skin and masculine scents.

Their Face Scrub smells live heaven on earth. Packed with Aloe Vera, Avocado Butter & Vitamin E for absolute moisture, and Coffee Extract & Green Tea for an energy kick this is the perfect go-to grooming essential for men. Avoid ingrowing beard hairs, and prep your skin for a fresh and fantastic complexion.


Pamper the dad, or dad(s) in your life with some naturally brilliant grooming products!

Make sure you visit Brickell

And stay tuned for more #FathersDay Gift ideas on OnixJ!


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