Naturally Handsome : Sam’s Natural #FathersDay

Father’s Day is Coming! (sorry, too much Game of Thrones lately) But it is! are you ready? have you got a little something for Dad? As part of my Father’s Day Gift Ideas Day 2, I bring to you an old time favorite! Sam’s Natural

A few months ago I featured them on the Blog  as part of my Millenial Men Series. You can read more about it on the link below.



From my previous post: Their packaging is simple, and unsophisticated just like the woodsy millennial man. However, it spills high quality and freshness. Their scents are an ode to nature; some mature scents such as tobacco and cedarwood reminiscent of classic elegance (personally, tobacco reminds me of my grandad sitting in his room among his books, with his tobacco pipe and a cup of hot coffee) And some fresh scents such as peppermint, orange and vanilla come together beautifully to create a woodsy, natural, fresh aromas made specifically for men.

So yeah! they make a FANTASTIC gift for the nature lover, green, Treehugger, woodsy dads. On this occasion, I received a different range of products some of which are part of their Father’s Day Pack

Products in my sample pack included: After Shower Dry Oil, Body Wash, Hand Lotion, Knuckle Wax, Walnut Scrub, Down There Lotion and the Campn Stick.


The walnut scrub is perfect to take on camping trips or for those days in the woodshop (or working on that greasy car engine? hands full of sticky oily stuff you don’t want on your bed, or your or the kids for that matter lol) The body wash smells of the woods! It is manly and unsophisticated, so if you have a weekend on the Hamptons Dad maybe consider something different. But, if you have a life on the edge of adventure dad, this is how you want him to smell.


Lotions are non-greasy and spread easily on the skin. No waxy residue (which some natural products can have) I know it’s hard to get men to moisturize because yeah, men. With these two products, you can give them (and their skin) the love they need without any of the girly scents they hate.


Each one of the products has been designed for men. 100% Vegan, chemical free and environmentally friendly. So, go get some!

Not convinced yet? Enjoy a 10% discount on any order  of $30 or more, from now until July 31st (2016) courtesy of yours truly! BIG Thanks to Sam’s Natural!

Promo Code: ONIXJ10 


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