Personalizing Moments with HeidiJHale Say It On A Ring™

This is a sponsored post

How many times have you been looking for a special gift to mark a date, to celebrate a moment or special someone in your life? I know I have! What if I told you, you can actually have gorgeous personalized jewelry made just for you?

HeidiJHale has the answer for you. HeidiJHale makes unique jewelry designed to be unforgettable.

Every piece of jewelry we offer is designed and handcrafted by our skilled metalsmiths and local artisans in downtown Muncie, Indiana. Because everything we sell is something we’ve created, we are proud to know that all HeidiJHale jewelry is unique and of the highest quality.


HeidiJHale offers unique handmade jewelry, crafted in the USA with high quality materials and natural stones sourced from all over the world. Their designs make the perfect gift for family occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and much more.

I received a set of the Say It On a Ring. The rings are sturdy and strong, yet they look delicate and feminine. They are also versatile as they can be worn for a casual afternoon at the park, or for a work meeting.


They have a variety of rings and necklaces to fit all styles and budgets. And they cater for both male and females! HeidiJHale jewelry for men is very unique, including but not limited to cuffs and cufflinks.


Make sure you visit them and see for yourself! I am sure you will be able to find something that will help you say “I love you” In a unique, personalized and cute way.



Side note: sometimes it is so hard for me as a British person who learnt ( learned) English in England to spell the American way. Some say just to spell words the way I learnt (learned) others (including my PR professor at University) say we must write for the country in which we reside. So after writing this entire post spelling personalised with S, I had a change of mind and changed all the S’s for Z’s lol. Why can’t we just all agree to spell it one way? Anyway people of America, personalize and personalise are both correct.

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