Bolthouse Farms 1915 Cold-Press Juices: Absolutely Natural Deliciousness

This is a sponsored post

You guys now I am always on the look out for healthy, natural ,and organic food and beverages. So I was so excited when Bolthouse Farms 1915 Cold-Pressed Juices and Organic, Non-Dairy Protein Beverages contacted me to taste all of their delicious juices and non-dairy protein beverages.


With no more than 6 ingredients per juice bottle, each juice contains a balance of colorful, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables and will be available nationwide, and they taste delicious! Yes! they do! I usually make my own juices and smoothies because store bought juices taste either too sweet or too “plastic”. Not the case with the Bolthouse Farms 1915 Juices.

My 10-year-old approved  especially of the Coconut Water, Pineapple, Mango, Lemon and Avocado juice. Super smooth, refreshing and with just the right amount of sweetness.


Another favorite of ours was the Orange, Carrot, Pineapple, Apple and Lime juice. Perfect complement for these extremely hot Texas summer days. And quite fitting may I say as Bolthouse Farm origins came from carrot farmers.


We are carrot farmers: it’s how we began. We take that knowledge and use it to ensure the ingredients we grow and select are done right from the very beginning.

The protein beverages were extremely good. Not an easy task  when it comes to non-dairy protein drinks.  The drinks have no more than 10 ingredients per bottle and contain 12 grams of protein.


These beverages (both juice and protein) are perfect for consumers who are looking for transparent labels as the ingredients are listed right on the front of the bottle!


The juices are perfect for healthier summer indulgences. You can also combine them to make your own delicious creations. If you want to add ice I recommend you  make some coconut water ice cubes. Refreshing, nutritious and delicious!

You can also create healthy popsicle by freezing the juices in molds.  Or if you are feeling cheeky you can transform the juices into bright and light summer cocktails (just keep away from little hands lol). Possibilities are endless!

Trust me these taste like no other, just as good as making your own.



For more info you can visit


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