Tuesday Thoughts: The Way Writers Feel

I have been writing stories and poems from as long as I can remember. My mom says that when I was a child before I could spell and write I would create songs all day long. Writing is both my gift and my curse. Don’t take me wrong, I wouldn’t change a thing about being a writer but I have always felt I can feel things more deeply than my peers. But perhaps we all feel that way?

I can feel the cold little drops of rain prickling on my skin, and the adventurous drop navigating down my chest.


I have this “sensitivity” that allows me to explore feelings and situations, things and people, elements and emotions in its full spectrum. I am not sure that is a good or a bad thing because I have been called sensitive one time too many to believe this is a gift, however, I am sure that it is this sensitivity that allows me to be a fiction and a poetry writer.

sen·si·tive – ˈsensədiv/

          1. quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences (of a person or a person’s  behavior) having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others’ feelings.
           1. a person who is believed to respond to occult influences.


The word sensitivity implies weakness to some people, but to me being soft in a world so hard isn’t a weakness, but a strength. A strength I often encourage on my son.

I strongly believe, as also do some of my colleagues, that this special connection to feelings and emotions are that make a great fiction writer. How else can you be attuned to your surroundings? How else can you create a space with words rich enough for the reader to feel part of the story? However, I might be wrong perhaps sociopaths are perfectly capable of writing about emotions even if they don’t feel them. Perhaps it is not necessary to savor pain in order to describe it, perhaps we don’t need to know the sweet taste of happiness to write about a smile. Who knows?

I do know that lines of poetry usually float into my head, often times while I am driving, which means they get lost in the abys because by the time I get to a place where I can write the down I have already forgotten. Worlds of wonder and imagination swirl and dance in my thoughts mixed with the reality of life. No, I am not mad, I am a writer filled with creative thoughts! (LOL)

Literary writing and blogging and/or commercial writing are two different things, and just as some painters can paint one style but not the other, not all writers can write the same genre. Which is perfectly ok because we need all forms, all types, all genres.

What do you think? are all writers sensitive?

While you are at it, and if you feel like reading some Flash Fiction make sure to check out this: www.onixj.com/flash-fiction-scarlet


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