Doughnut go Home yet, Take a Break from Shopping at Krispy Kreme Cardiff​

Going into town this time of year can be chaotic. The long queues, the traffic, the seas of people and the mad rush to get the Christmas shopping done can be overwhelming. This time of the year Cardiff (much like any other city in the world) is filled with the magical scent of cinnamon, pine and hot chocolate but also with lots and lots of shoppers.

I was recently invited to visit the brand new refurbished Krispy Kreme in Cardiff located in St.David’s shopping centre. The place offers an ample selection of delicious treats available both to eat in or take away. Beautifully crafted roasted coffee, scrumptious and decadent hot chocolate, pipping hot tea, wifi and comfortable sitting right in the heart of Cardiff. Krispy Kreme is the perfect location to sit down and take a break.





This guy hates shopping, but loves eating so he was very excited!

Honestly, we recommend their hot chocolates! yum!

The customer service was impeccable, thank you, Samantha, for the lovely treatment, we felt spoiled.


No time to waste? no worries, take a box of doughnuts to home and be the star of the day. I mean who doesn’t want a cute reindeer looking doughnut?


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Happy Holidays,



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