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Email: jihaner@hotmail.com

Twitter: @OnixJihane

IG: @Onixjihane

Hi! My name is J. I am a British – Latina, 30 something-year-old eco-friendly blogger.

I have lived in South America, England, USA (Texas) and now in WALES, UK! I have learnt* to love everything TEXAS, but the UK is my home… Venezuela my roots.

*Oh Oh! It’s that a typo? Nope! it is the British spelling kicking in! you will often find words across all my platforms that are written the British way! I know how to spell 😉 most of the time anyway. 

I am passionate about healthy eating, eco-friendly living, and cooking with locally sourced ingredients. I am completely in love with the simplicity of healthy living, and I strongly believe in the importance of educating future generations to do so. Use, Reuse, and upcycle! and make the most out of everyday!

Bring-your-own cup advocate (bye bye plastics) 

I am also the proud mother of one (veggie lover) pre-teen. My son is my inspiration, you see he never liked meat no matter how much I tried. At age 5 he told me “I don’t want to kill animals to eat them, their poor babies will be left without mommies and that would be so sad” since then I made a choice to educate myself and transform my way of eating.

Bilingual, multicultural, and co-founder of Houston Latina Bloggers.

Green is the new black.


Past Collaborations include Verizon, IKEA, St Judes, Cadillac USA, Econscious Clothing, Synergy Clothing, Organic Cotton Plus, Dr. Squatch, Farouk Systems (CHI Haircare & Biosilk), Apoterra Skincare, ECOLunchBox, Krochet Kids, Klean Kanteen, Kroger and Kendall-Jackson AVANT.  


BA  in Marketing and Media and MLA in Communications & International Studies


Want to share and learn more about healthy eating for kids and families? Join the conversation on Facebook (group) https://www.facebook.com/groups/520764131304183/







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