Girly, Fun & Sophisticated with VoodooVixen

Hey! So, I am not a fashion blogger, however I am still a woman that loves fashion. I am also eternally in love with vintage, old school pieces. I often roam around thrift stores and online trying to find vintage pieces that go along with modern ones too. Mix and Match kind of style!

Not long ago I came across Voodoo Vixen. I Immediately feel IN LOVE with their vintage fabrics, patterns and designs. Naturally, when they offered to send me a sample I jumped into it straight away!

Voodoo Vixen is a vintaged inspired label infused with pin-up and retro styles. They are made to hug your curves and embrace your femininity with a slight revel yet sophisticated touch! Also, they are based in the heart of East London ❤ and you know my heart is forever in England sooooo, all the YES(es) to these brand.


I received the Valerie Red Skirt which has a fun vintage anchor fabric. The fabric is soft, somewhat silky  but it isn’t stretchy so keep that in mind when purchasing, as pencil skirts aren’t too forgiving when it comes to hugging your figure.


I love the quality of the fabric and the elegant yet fun look! This skirt can be dressed up with a pair of white pumps and a white shirt and cardigan for a brunch or an early afternoon tea party! It works perfectly in this hot Texas summer. Or it can be dressed down with some flats and white spaghetti straps shirt too. Whatever you do, have fun with it.

They have so many cute dresses for all occasions, and seasons. Sizes run a little small, so make sure you see the specifications before you order. The do have a line for curvy vixens too, which is great! Size shouldn’t be an impediment when it comes to looking cute!  I am very happy with this skirt and I can’t wait to wear it over and over.

Hurry now! They have a SALE going on! visit Voodoo Vixen Sale



Personalizing Moments with HeidiJHale Say It On A Ring™

This is a sponsored post

How many times have you been looking for a special gift to mark a date, to celebrate a moment or special someone in your life? I know I have! What if I told you, you can actually have gorgeous personalized jewelry made just for you?

HeidiJHale has the answer for you. HeidiJHale makes unique jewelry designed to be unforgettable.

Every piece of jewelry we offer is designed and handcrafted by our skilled metalsmiths and local artisans in downtown Muncie, Indiana. Because everything we sell is something we’ve created, we are proud to know that all HeidiJHale jewelry is unique and of the highest quality.


HeidiJHale offers unique handmade jewelry, crafted in the USA with high quality materials and natural stones sourced from all over the world. Their designs make the perfect gift for family occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and much more.

I received a set of the Say It On a Ring. The rings are sturdy and strong, yet they look delicate and feminine. They are also versatile as they can be worn for a casual afternoon at the park, or for a work meeting.


They have a variety of rings and necklaces to fit all styles and budgets. And they cater for both male and females! HeidiJHale jewelry for men is very unique, including but not limited to cuffs and cufflinks.


Make sure you visit them and see for yourself! I am sure you will be able to find something that will help you say “I love you” In a unique, personalized and cute way.



Side note: sometimes it is so hard for me as a British person who learnt ( learned) English in England to spell the American way. Some say just to spell words the way I learnt (learned) others (including my PR professor at University) say we must write for the country in which we reside. So after writing this entire post spelling personalised with S, I had a change of mind and changed all the S’s for Z’s lol. Why can’t we just all agree to spell it one way? Anyway people of America, personalize and personalise are both correct.

Artisanal Shopping from Across the World:: Original Wear Travels Abroad

Disclosure: some items reviewed below are not suitable for vegans (leather). However in an effort to promote local and international artisans I have included them in this blog post. 

A few weeks back, and thanks to Houston Latina Bloggers, I came across an online store with an impressive artisanal flair. I met the owner Myriam and immediately clicked with her. Myriam is a traveller and an entrepreneur, who has lived all around the world. Between cultures, languages and colors Myriam started to dip into the fashion world.

“I lived in S. Korea for three years and after the first year, I knew there was a market for clothes that didn’t fit expats. Original Wear Clothing started in 2009 after my first year living there.


Original Wear Travels Abroad aims to bring exotic flavor right  into the fashion heart of Texas. From exclusive handmade handbags made by Indian artisans, to intrinsically handcrafted cuffs and accessories Original Wear is the to go place for that unique statement piece.

Living in three countries now I’ve come to see the differences America is from other parts of the world.

Working with artisans has been a real treasure hunt.  It’s not easy to find people who love what they do and the small families that work these businesses.  It’s an all force front and it’s great to see and be a part of a small growing town that’s also trying to learn how they can be socially responsible.  My artisans have grown so much in their knowledge and technology forefront that its humbling to know it’s because we’ve connected. I take a lot of pride in that.  90% of my items are handmade and from artisans around the world.  India, Mexico expats like myself, Spain, Morocco and Italy.


I felt immediately in love with this brass golden clutch from India. I had to own it! The detail in the clutch is simply a work or art. A perfect golden touch for any occasion day or night! I paired it with a little green boho dress for an afternoon meeting. I love how versatile it is and how much it can “level up” an outfit. Delicate, yet powerful and full of personality.

Size wise is a perfect fit for your phone (I have an iPhone 6) business cards, makeup essentials and debit/credit cards. Or, well to carry your crystals and stones if you must! Lol


For the purposes of this blog post, Myriam provided an exclusive handmade leather cuff by local texas artist Mitch D’Arte. Mitch uses recycled urban style belts to make uber cool cuffs and bracelets.

I love the fact that she recycles! Giving this unique pieces a vintage flair and a fierce look. Repurposing old leather belts, Mitch adds her unique artistic vision creating one of a kind exotic and distinct items.


“Growing up poor has given me a fondness and connection to all things humble which provoke emotions…” Mitch D’Arte

You can learn more about Mitch’s collections at

Another item Myriam kindly provided was this super cool and colorful Morrocan wristlet! The bright colors are perfect for the Texas summer! Paired with skinny jeans and floaty chiffon blouse you are ready to face the summer heat in style.



Beautifully finished inside and out, it offers a two-level compartment plus a small pocket in the back (perhaps for cash or those little mischevious coins!)


It’s elaborated floral inspired design makes it unique. This item is available in different colors. Visit: Original Wear Facebook Shop for more!

Last but not least, this Vaquero meats Boho Chick cuff offers a simple accent to your wrist! If you are going for a delicate look and don’t want to use metal accessories (some people are allergic) you can “dress” your arm with one of these cute cuffs.


Overall I am in love with almost every item Original Wear Travels Abroad has in store! She is constantly re-stocking with more unique, artisanal, recycled and fashionable accesories from around the world! Currently offering a gypsy style Indian blanket that is to die for!

You can find them on Instagram @OriginalWearTravelsAbroad  and on Facebook!  I recommend you follow her on social media so that you can keep up to date with her wonderful finds and get your hands on her accesories! Items ran out fast as she only gets a few of each.

Huge thanks to Myriam from Original Wear Travels Abroad and Houston Latina Bloggers who partnered for this campaing.

Mini Makeover Time with CHI Cosmetics and Farouk Systems

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

Last week I was invited as part of Houston Latina Bloggers, to an event sponsored by CHI Cosmetics and Farouk Systems. As part of the ongoing partnership between Houston Latina Bloggers and CHI, we were invited to the LoneStar CHI facilities, located in Houston, for a night filled with pampering.


The CHI Lone Star College-North Harris School of Cosmetology is  one of a kind college that prepares students to succeed in the art of cosmetology while allowing them access to CHI technology.

Our cosmetology courses are taught by seasoned faculty with significant experience as professional cosmetologists. They have also undergone specialized training at the Farouk Systems headquarters in north Houston and use the Farouk Systems methods, and the CHI™, Biosilk and Sunglitz product lines, exclusively, in the instruction of students.

The location is impressive. Big spaces, clean, and high-tech.We were welcomed with tasty treats and open arms. Everyone was fantastic! The sad part for me is I ha just decided to put a hold on all my refined sugar intake, which meant, no cookies for me 😦 lol.

Students at the CHI Lone Star College-North Harris Schol of Cosmetology, have an opportunity to develop cosmetology skills, including hair cutting, permanent waving, hair styling, manicuring, facials, hair coloring, hair straightening and client consultation on hair care products. In addition, the school’s full-service salon offers students a chance to practice their skills on clients from the community (like us!).

Me with a double towel neck lol . Picture by Valerie Juan.
Our gorgeous Amanda. Picture by Valerie Juan



Two makeup artists in-house took turns, transforming our looks and uplifting our moods. It is amazing what some makeup can do now and then. A little bit of blush here and there, and some uber fantastic fake lashes later, our faces were  transformed. Uncomplicated, easy to do at home, earthy tones were recreated for a natural look.


Picture by Valerie Juan


Each one of us was assigned a stylist, who after a brief consultation got ready to work on our manes. I feel so bad for my stylist because I have so much hair! She used CHI Keratin Leave-in Conditioner all over my hair before blow drying, leaving it silky smooth. Then she proceeded to iron with a CHI flat iron straighter, and last but not least, she created some loose curls.

HLB Makeovers! (after picture)

The whole experience was all sorts of fun. After we were ready it was picture time!!! We all felt like super models.


Coppelia’s eyes ❤ Stunning!

Not only was a bonding experience for Houston Latina Bloggers, but it was a fun way to learn more about CHI, their products and the way in which they work with the local community.

For more info about the college, visit:


My curls held beautifully, even  the next day, my curls were looking on point! I can only thank my stylist for it because when I do my own curls they sure don’t last this long lol. If you want to know more about CHI and Houston Latina Bloggers make sure you find them on Instagram @Chiespanol and @HoustonLatinaBloggers 

I will like to thank CHI en EspanolFarouk Systems and Lopez Marketing for this brilliant collab.

What do you think? Have you used CHI hair products before? and if so, which is your favorite product? Mine is definitely the CHI Tree Oil Line 

Krochet Kids :: Empowering Women Through Fashion

I am all for Women Empowerment. I am a firm believer that if we start to work toward giving access to education to more women around the world, we can drive the world forward and diminish poverty worldwide. This is why when I come across brands with a social mission I immediately fall in love with them.

Krochet Kids works with  highly vulnerable women who live in poverty-stricken regions of the world. Their program is designed to empower women with the resources to rise above poverty. Forever.

Krochet Kids works because they offer something more sustainable. It is not about just giving aid to poor families, it is about giving them the knowledge and resources to end their cycle of poverty by themselves.

Our products serve as the best way to continue this story of empowerment. Each piece we make is hand-signed by the woman who made it. Your purchase enables this cycle to continue and gives you a window into what this impact looks like for one person.

Krochet Kids provides these women with jobs through the creation of their apparel and accessories at Krochet Kids Peru. “We couple that steady income with education and one-on-one local mentorship in order to create a holistic approach to development.” With the skills and knowledge gained through the program Krochet Kids aims to equip Peruvians with a path toward independence, and free them from poverty.
The result is a company with a steady creation of beautiful artisan products. A company with a social mission, a company that brings you high-quality products with a story. Krochet Kids has a wide range of apparel and accessories check them out by visiting their online shop SHOP NOW
Krochet Kids sent me the beautifully crafted summery Shoreline Bag. This bag is so well made. Strong, with a high-quality finish, is the perfect companion for a day at the beach or park. It is casual, simple, and uncomplicated and adds a pop of color to your outfit.
Krochet Kids Intl. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. ” As a non-profit, we are able to focus more resources and financial investment into our program initiatives and the activities that achieve empowerment.”


I strongly recommend visiting Krochet Kids. Look cute while helping more women around the world!



For more information about this wonderful non-profit please visit

Farouk Systems: Education, Environment and Ethics + Product Review

[ This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Farouk Systems and Lopez Marketing.]

Every decade a new hair trend, a new health trend, a new fashion trend, a new everything new trend. This is the natural dynamics of the world we live in. And this is perfect because not only it allow us to reinvent ourselves but it gives us room to evolve. Brands are just the same as us in the quest of happiness, it is just a different kind of happiness. We buy, they sell!

A little while back I had the amazing opportunity to visit the CHI headquarters in Houston.  Farouk Systems, Inc. is a Houston based company that manufactures a range of high-quality professional hair care products. It has a few recognized brands under its umbrella, which include CHI® and BioSilk®.

Farouk Systems was founded in 1986 by Farouk Shami, a hairdresser, with the mission to provide the professional beauty industry with the most advanced American technology based upon ‘Education, Environment and Ethics’.

Education,  Environment, and Ethics; These three things are what sparked my interest in Farouk Systems.



Farouk Systems not only keeps hairdressers up to date with the latest in hair care technology but they also formed a unique partnership with the Lone Star College Cosmetology program in which students have the opportunity to develop cosmetology skills with a hands-on program while they also learn about CHI and Biosilk technologies.

Our cosmetology courses are taught by seasoned faculty with significant experience as professional cosmetologists. They have also undergone specialized training at the Farouk Systems headquarters in north Houston and use the Farouk Systems methods, and the CHI™, Biosilk, and Sunglitz product lines, exclusively, in the instruction of students.


The Environment is a topic I feel strongly about. I am a firm believer of eco-friendly and sustainable products. First impression hair care products come across as being a mixture of chemicals and nasty aerosols. Thankfully that has changed over the years.

Shami’s (Farouk Systems founder) hairstyling career almost came to a halt after he learned that he was allergic to the ammonia in hair dyes. But that didn’t stop him, that spurred him to invent the world’s first ammonia-free hair dye, which launched his business career – Source:

The ideas kept coming. Adding silk to hair products to strengthen hair created Silk Therapy. He developed the CHI straightening iron and an organic hair care line based on the nourishing properties of olive oil became CHI Organics. Farouk Systems organic line has taken flight and now includes many other products, some out in the market and some due to be launched this year.



Their offices adhere to high ethical standards as well as their products. All working environments are  safe, clean, and filled with natural light. No signs of discrimination or employee dissatisfaction were visible during our visit.

Farouk systems is also highly involved with the community. Not only with their involvement with Lone Star College Cosmetology Program but with different donations and contributions done through the years. During our visit, Farouk Systems contributed to the Houston Latina Bloggers for our workshop and training program, as well as to the Salvation Army of Houston.



Product Review: CHI TEA TREE OIL

I had the chance to test and review a few of the CHI and Biosilk products for this post. From all of them, the CHI Tea Tree Oil Line was my favorite of them all. My hair felt clean and fresh, renewed and natural. The scent of this product line is very mellow and fresh, not overpowering at all. My hair (which is heavily dyed) was shiny, without frizz and overall light and flowy.

I was very impressed with the natural ingredients, and I love the fact that all CHI products are cruelty-free.


Key Ingredients & Benefits* 
• Tea Tree Oil – Natural antioxidant unclogs pores and removes build up while replenishing moisture to soothe and condition the scalp. 
• Peppermint Oil – Provides a refreshing and awakening sensation while helping to normalize and balance scalp oils to relieve dry scalp.
• Silk – Replenishes moisture while adding strength and shine.
• Chamomile – Protects and maintains hair’s strength and resilience, building a natural layer of resistance to damaged.


Last but not least, I do want to talk about Biosilk. When it was first developed, Biosilk had only one line. Now there are quite a few lines depending on your hair needs ( Silk Therapy, Color Therapy, Hydrating Therapy) But keeping things classic we tried the Biosilk Silk Therapy both original and lite versions. The non-sticky feeling of this oil is simply fantastic! You can use this product not only on your hair but on your skin too with fantastic baby skin soft results. I am in love! I want to bathe in it!


“BioSilk is the original silk infused line of hair care products using natural pure silk. Silk contains 17 of the 19 amino acids in hair and is the strongest fiber in the world. Silk reconstructs damaged cuticles, strengthens hair, adds moisture, and revitalizes and rejuvenates hair for soft, supple, shiny results. Silk also protects against heat, cold, humidity, UV rays and pollution.”

Overall I was impressed with both the natural organic lines of CHI, and with Farouk Systems Inc as a whole. Farouk Systems Inc has proven to be an ethical company ready to evolve with the demands of its market. A company that cares for its community and wishes to provide more and better opportunities for everyone. A company that embraces technology and who isn’t afraid to be the first one to jump into the abyss of innovation.

A company that will keep surprising us with many new developments to come in 2016.



Hot Chocolate Design, from Venezuela to your Feet

I am not a fashion blogger – let’s get that out of the way – but I am a woman and I love shoes! I have more shoes than I can fit in my closet and I don’t see a problem with that! LOL… The shoe market can be sometimes, or appear to be, saturated. I mean how many pairs can we own that are different and unique (without breaking the piggie bank)

So when I came across this Venezuelan brand I felt in love right away. Not only they are designed in Venezuela (my other home country) but they are the cutest flat shoes out there!

I am a high heels kind of person but everyone needs a pair or two of flats.


Hot Chocolate Design:

The idea started in 2003 when Venezuelan graphic designers Carolina Aguerrevere and Pablo Martinez  started experimenting with fashion on their own. At first, they came out with a pair of flats just for Carolina. These flats were a hit among their friends. It didn’t take long for everyone to ask her where they could get a pair like hers.

So they started by making 30 pairs of shoes and selling them to friends and relatives. What makes them so unique is their dynamic and distinctive design, that includes two shoes (one for each foot) that are independently different yet in synch.

“When we made the first pair of Chocolaticas we decided to make them different. We spent days thinking about the designs and we concluded that feet are only together when they aren’t walking. From that moment, we decided to make one design for each foot.”


Photo by Anais Sambrano

Chocolaticas, is their main shoe line, however, it’s not their only one. Double Topping is another quirky line with the same concept but in a high chunky heel. Other shoe lines include   Alpargaticas, Gomitas, Mini Chocolaticas y Baby Chocolaticas. They also offer a line of hand bags, purses, swimming suits and more recently wallets for men. However, only Chocolaticas, Mini Chocolaticas and Double Topping are available internationally. Other models/lines available in Venezuela.

Hot Chocolate Design is available in Canada, Australia, Chile, Curacao, England, Spain, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, New Zeland, Norway, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and United states, with authorized retailers and through

Fun Fact!  Whoopi Goldberg has 6 pairs of Chocolaticas! how fun and cool is that?


Hot Chocolate Design was kind enough to send me a pair of their shoes for me to try. I received the model picture above – The Sailor – The shoes are not only cute but extremely comfortable and well made. The rubber heel is nice and strong yet flexible, and it grips perfectly to the ground, so no slips or nasty falls in these shoes!

They are perfect for Spring or Summer and they go well with both jeans and shorts. I must say I’ve had the same reaction Carolina once had with her shoes, so many people have asked me about my sailor shoes, therefore  have listed at the end of this post all the information you need to get your very own Chocolaticas.

The sizes do run a little big so keep that in mind when you order online. If you have a little girl in your life you can get matching shoes like my friend Anais and her lovely little girl did for a photo session. They are both sporting Chocolaticas in Venezuelan flag design. Aren’t they uber adorable?

Photo by Rickys Portfolio

Where to Find Hot Chocolate Design

Buy at:  Or Find other authorized retailers at

Twitter  @HotChocolateD


Instagram > @hotchocolateinternational

Pinterest >


Synergy, Ethical and Eco-Friendly Apparel that Empowers Women in Nepal

In this second post about sustainable clothing, I want to concentrate on the importance of water pollution and how the products we use affect the environment. I also want to talk about the importance of minority women being empowered through the use of social enterprises.

According to the World Bank, 17-20% of industrial water pollution comes from textile dyeing and treatment. Imagine how much we can achieve by using  low impact and natural dyes. Not only can we significantly decrease water pollution but also our carbon footprint, allowing for a healthier planet.

The modern consumer is one that seeks to be more informed about the ways in which the products he/she consumes are manufactured, and how these affect the environment both in the long and the short run. This is why more and more brands are being more environmentally conscious.

During my research for this post, I came across Synergy. Synergy Organic Clothing creates fashion-forward clothing for women, by the use of social enterprises and by adhering to international anti-pollution regulations.


Always striving to be mindful and conscious in every facet of our business, we produce sustainable and organic fair trade clothing that lets you look and feel your best. Radiate effortless style while treading gently on the Earth.

  • 100% GOTS* Certified Organic Cotton – 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex (skirt)
  • Dyed with low-impact dye
  • Hand sewn anchor appliques
  • Made in Nepal

I love them! super soft, feminine and fun! colors are full of life and the anchor applique gives it an extra wow factor! I had two people ask me about the skirt while I was wearing it. I strongly recommend you to try them out.


*Synergy is proud to adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). They work with the only GOTS certified factory in Nepal as well as GOTS certified fabric mills in India.

cert copy

Vegan & Cruelty Free Make-Up

It is the season to shine and sparkle! and If you are anything but me you are obsessed with glittery eyeshadows, purple and blue mascaras and delightfully warm golds for this time of the year. But when to know if a brand is still doing animal testing? Are you sure your favorite shade of red lipstick doesn’t come with a side of guilt and blood?

I have been doing some research myself after I recently found out one of my favorite brands was still using animal testing for their products. And for those who say “well better test on a rabbit than on a human” all I have to say is ……. Not PG 13 so I won’t say it. Animals don’t ask to be tested on, they certainly don’t need or care for makeup and should not be put to misery only for the sake of human fashion trends. It is just disgusting, come on, let’s try to evolve a little, the days of cavemen (and women, to be politically correct) are far gone.

Being vegetarian and/or advocate of all things eco-friendly and somewhat not damaging the environment translates into many things in life not just what we eat. Therefore let’s be responsable shoppers and fill ourselves with knowledge to make educated decisions during this holiday season.

So according to Sephora, the makeup brands listed bellow are either Vegan or Cruelty-Free  (which means they might use animal based ingredients in their products but do not engage in animal testing)

**Sadly note Sephora’s own brand is not in the list.

Amika – (PETA)

Anastasia – (PETA)

Bare Escentuals – (PETA)

Becca –

Betsy Johnson –

Bite Beauty – (Leaping Bunny)

Blinc – (PETA)

Bond No 9 –

Butter London –

Carol’s Daughter – (PETA)

Caudalie –

Clarins –

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare – (PETA)

DuWop –

Hello Kitty –

Hourglass – (PETA)

Illume –

Jack Black – (PETA)

JINsoon –

Josie Maran – (PETA)

Juicy Couture –

Julep –

Jurlique –

Kate Somerville –

Kat Von D –

KenzoUSA –

Keratinperfect –

Korres Natural Products –

L’Occitane –

L’artisan parfumeur –

LivingProof –

Make Up For Ever –

ME Smooth –

Murad – (PETA)

Nails Inc –

NARS – (they are cruelty free but their parent company is not)


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – (PETA)

Ole Henriksen –

Omorovicza – 

Formula X –

Pantone –

Ren – (PETA)

“We do not test any of our products on animals. Our products are not tested on our behalf by any third party. The only animal products we use are honey and beeswax in the Lip Honey.”

Rosebud –

“There are no animal by-products in any of the salves or lip balms. Beeswax is contained in Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm, Strawberry Lip Balm, and Mocha Rose Lip Balm, however, NO beeswax is contained in Rosebud Salve, Minted Rose Lip Balm, or Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm”

Smashbox – (PETA)

Tarte – (PETA)

Tata Harper – (LB, PETA)

TanTowel – (PETA)

The New Black –

Too Faced Cosmetics – (PETA)

Urban Decay –  (PETA, LB)

Wen – – (LB)

For more info on other cruelty-free or vegan products and brands visit Leaping Bunny