Foundation me Perfect

It’s been a long time since I have reviewed a product on my blog but this one really impressed me and I feel compelled to share it with everyone else. As we know (or not) I have reached the age of 30! i am middle aged-ish (ish because I intend to live beyond 60 lol) anyway taking this into account I was looking for a new foundation to meet my “aging” skin needs. The foundation I had before in liquid version was way too greasy and was blocking my pores, and slipping away after just a few hours. The effect on pictures was horrible, was making me look older and greasy.  The one before that was too pasty and cakey, and although it provided great cover I always ended up looking doll like and not natural at all.

So it was time to find something new.

And there I was, wondering through vast the aisles of makeup at my local store which we all know can be rather distracting, with so many products competing for our attention. Anyway there I was when I saw this new – or at least new to me – concept of air foam foundation. Interesting I thought, and very appropriate for the hot summer days coming ahead, soI gave it a go; I bought Mabelline Dream Nude Air Foam. Tip: shake the little can before you apply, my first attempt without shaking gave me a handful of colourless foam.  Also you must apply to your hand a small amount of the product and work it from there. It is super light but has excellent cover, unlike some other mousses I had tried before. Mabelline Dream Nude Air Foam runs smoothly over your skin concealing all imperfections. I love it! I wasn’t expecting much from it at first as I have been disappointed by so many foundations over the last months but this one is a keeper. Perfect natural finish and impeccable cover.  I also purchased the Dream LUMI Touch Highlighting Concealer to go with it and boy they make a great duo.

The Dream LUMI Touch Highlighting Concealer does exactly what it says on the label. It illuminates your skin on those darker areas that might need an extra boost. I used it under my eyes and on the corner of my eyelids, as well as on the corners on my lips. It comes with a handy little brush – very much alike those that come with some lip-glosses – allowing you to spread the right amount on the right place. You can also use your fingers to diffuse the effect. It runs smoothly, fragrance free and it’s non greasy. Overall this two products will give you very good coverage without cake-ing your face; you get a very natural look and radiant complexion. They come in a range of different tones to accommodate your skin colour and are very affordable. I say give it a go!

Tip: when looking for foundation always try to get a yellowish tint in it. It makes your face look warmer and gives it a little glow, which you can also improve by using a little bronzer. But go easy on the bronzer!

Happy Summer Skin!

Keep an eye open for more summer skin tips coming soon.




Fall Proof Skin : Top 5 tips

Top 5 Tips for a Fall Proof Healthy Skin

Ladies! The cold months are finally here. Boots, coats, scarves ready to rock!. But wait a minute? What about our skin? Dry, read and patchy? I say no way José; there is always room for flawless goddess like skin.

So here I present you the top 5 tips to keep looking like a summer mermaid even on cold wintery days (minus the scales, and the tail, oh you know what I mean!).

1. Know your skin – First things first. Observe for changes! When the weather changes bringing cold wind and reducing humidity you may notice your skin type changes along with it. When it gets colder oily skin might turn into normal, and normal skin might turn into dry. Make sure you are using the right product for your “new” skin type and remember to reassess once the season changes again. This is a basic step many ignore as we tend to think our skin type remains the same for ever and it doesn’t! it changes, just like your wardrobe!

2. Use sunscreen – Many skin experts agree that the best way to keep your skin healthy and looking young is to protect it from the sun. One way of solving this fast and stress free is to get a foundation and moisturizer with UV protection included such as Olay Total Effects Moisturizer + Touch of Foundation not only moisturizes and slightly covers imperfections with its tint, but protects with a SPF 15. For a higher SPF protection the best buy is Supergoop! SPF 35+ Save Face A.M. Moisturizer – water resistant, packed with antioxidants and affordable. Skin heaven!

3. Exfoliate – Walking around with layers of dead cells on you skin isn’t a good look. Make sure you exfoliate once a week to get rid of dead cells which make you skin look dull and patchy. You can chose either to buy an exfoliator to make one yourself. Its super easy all you need for a basic exfoliator is sugar and olive oil. Mix and rub all over your skin applying some pressure but with gentle care. Rinse with lukewarm water and there you have it: baby skin. Do not over do the exfoliating; doing it too often will damage your skin.

4. Keep showers short and lukewarm – According to experts exposure to hot water and cold wind is the number one cause of rough, patchy skin during the colder months. Pat yourself dry after the shower and make sure you use a thick alpha-hydroxy body lotion such as Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion immediately after the shower. Alpha-hydroxy acids are those used in chemical peels – different concentrations determine the way in which they can be used.  Chemical peels give us a similar result to Microdermabrasion reducing fine lines and giving a smoother appearance. Also make sure you put your fruity summer shower gel away and start using a creamy body wash, the less the soap and the more the hydrating the better for your skin on the colder season.

5. Give your Skin a Drink – and no, alcohol doesn’t count! Although it is important to drink lots of water it is also important to keep you skin hydrated. Try a weekly hydration treatment to keep your skin fresh and glowing. Hydration products such as AHAVA’s Intensive Hydration Mask should be used once per week. Also Hydrotherapy – Soak in a tub with warm water and some mineral crystals or treat yourself to a LUSH Bath Melt and enjoy the sweet aromas while your skin soaks up all the nutrients and you forget about all the finals and papers due.

Article Written for The Summa Newspaper. Nov 2011.



Fall/Autumn Fashion 2011

Fall is here ladies! And hopefully it will bring some colder temperatures to Houston at last. So it’s time to pack the flip flops away and get the boots out. And on this issue we will look into the must have fashion accessories and trends. Are you ready?

Courtesy of Glamour Magazine

According to fashion insiders at Glamour magazine, mustards, rusty corals, oranges, browns and leopard print are certainly a must this season, you can check them out at places such as Forever 21 for very affordable prices, beware not to over do the leopard print thought, match with blocks of colors to make a statement. If you have pale skin rock the browns and rusts like a pop princess, and if you are olive or darker make sure you use the oranges and mustards for a pop of color.

Keep an eye out for leggings both plain, patterns and bold prints but make sure whenever wearing leggings you do cover the crotch area or you might end up having the Fashion Police on your tail. Leopard print and Snow flake print are favorites for this season.

Also this season tartan and plaids seem to take the big stage, many designers such as DKNY used them on their fall 2011 catwalk, you can pair some dark tights with a tartan skirt for a formal look or a pair of skinny jeans, cotton vest and plaid blazer accessorized with a Pair of Black Rim Glasses for a “geek-chick” look.

Don’t be afraid of playing with textures and get dotty with some polka dots! If you think the print is too much for you experiment with polka dot tights to start with or if you are feeling confident go for sixties inspired structured polka dot dress for a super sophisticated yet effortless look, perhaps borrow from your mom and go totally vintage. Keep accessories simple to let the polka dots shine.

Tired of your boring old pair of jeans? This season think color! Make a statement with super bold skinny jeans or suede pants for an instant update. Fuchsia and cobalt seem to be the favorite colors on the catwalk for designers like Pucci. Match with a black blazer for extra edge.

Coats come in all shapes and colors this season. Big names rocked animal print, plaids and fur on the catwalk. Many are bringing the faux leather jacket back so if you have one from last year its time to bring it out of the closet. Also naval-inspired trench coats are back in fashion; these are a must have piece useful during both fall and winter bringing elegance and sophistication to any outfit, even to a simple pair of jeans and girly flats.

Shoes wise its time to get those boots out. Knee high boots are making a come back in a range of colors and textures and you can find them with or without high heel. Use the flat boot for an equestrian inspired look or informal date, and use the high heel boot with skirts, leggings or jeans for a date or night out with friends. Suede and leather are big this season from ankle boots or booties to knee high boots. Chunky heel pumps are also a fall must have, along with the “sock in shoes” trend, using normal everyday socks (not tights) with heels with romantic style lace dresses and skirts for a country babe look.

So there you have it a quick guide for this season’s fashion. Happy dressing! Hope to see you around on campus rocking this season’s style.

Best buys: Forever 21, Guess, H&M, Banana Republic.


Written for The Summa Newspaper OCT 2oth 2011.

Eco-Beauty 2: Scrubs

Hello ladies!!

Since my last eco friendly post had so many good reviews and readers I decided to post something else in the same note. This time body Scrubs!! yes it is highly recomended to scrub our skin at least once a week to get rid of all dead skin and achieve a lovely natural glow, just like nature intended. But many of the scrubs available in shops are full of nasty chemicals and lets face it toxic – worse part is that we PAY for them harming not only ourselves in the long term but the environment, so here is a few environmentally and pocket friendly ideas you can make with stuff you might already have in your cupboards…

Peppermint Scrub:

Mix together 1 cup sugar, 1/3 cup mineral oil, 2 T. corn syrup, 1/2 t. peppermint extract and a drop of green food colouring (optional)

Brown Sugar and Honey Scrub:

Mix together 1 cup brown sugar, 1/3 cup mineral oil and 2 T. honey.

Sugar Cookie Scrub:

Mix together 1 cup raw sugar, 1/3 cup mineral oil, 2 T. corn syrup and 1 t. vanilla.

Sea Goddess:

Mix 1 cup of sea salt with a few table spoons of olive oil to create a thick paste.

Basil and Sugar

Mix half a cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of olive oil and  1-2 Tbsp. fresh basil, finely chopped – blend well.

If interested please have a look at the post about Home Made Lip Scrubs

Happy pampering!



Green Beauty

Well, I don’t know you but I am concerned about our little planet and I always try to find alternatives for a “greener lifestyle” (please note I dont mean the use of street “green” in any way) But I am also a beauty product addict! I mean who doesn’t want smooth, shiny hair and flawless skin? (and we all know it requires some work)
So I decided to have a lil look online for Green alternatives so here is a compilation of the best I found…

Get washing!
Green Shampoo alternatives

The Vinaigrette: Rub your scalp and massage your mane with a solution of 50/50 distilled white vinegar and water. This homemade “hair-product-residue remover” leaves behind the glistening, polished locks you’ve always dreamed of.

The Shamp-Paste: combine one tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of water Work the paste through your hair and rinse thoroughly, for unexpectedly clean and remarkably shiny hair.

The Caribbean:
combine 1 part coconut milk, to 2 parts liquid castille soap (such as Dr. Bronner’s) makes a brilliant, silky smooth lathering SHAMPOO. Combine it with the vinegar rinse for gorgeous, soft, eco-friendly hair.

The Green-Envy: combine some Avocado, and some baking soda. Mash them together with a little bit of water to make a paste. Rinse your hair with warm water first, then apply the paste and rinse it out with cold water. and voila! soft hair!

The Herbal-teacup: combine 1/4 cup of your favourite herbal tea (strongly brewed) and 8 oz liquid castile soap. Stir over low heat until well blended. Store in a capped bottle. TIP: Chamomile tea is a brightening rinse for fair hair.

There you have it, easy to make shampoos free or residue and nasty chemicals! give it a go! (Funky names are optional I was just feeling creative lol)


Cool Boho Hair

Was looking for some summer inspiration and I found this video.. she does talk a lot but the end result is worth it – lovely hair style easy yet sophisticated! enjoy!!

 <a href="


Cheap & Cheerful E.L.F

Just a quick post for a super cool and affordable product I found by pure luck. Elf Minty LipGloss! it is infused with a super cool and refreshing minty scent and flavour that leaves your lips smooch prove! ready for action (although its a lip gloss if you apply only a little it doesn’t leave your lips extremely sticky as other glosses do)


I got it in “Miami” which is a rather nude tone, and it cost me around $2.99 at Target, it comes in 9 different colours, from golds to pinks.

Also Available at:

What a fab find! recommend it!



Versace to Desing H&M Autumn 2011

OMG! yes.. it seems to be true, a fashionista’s dream a super high end brand such as Versace and a high street brand such as H&M (always fab) have combined to bring us an affordable, sophisticated collection… keep your lil eyes open because this autumn/fall fashion comes to town!

<a href="


Cover Girl Lip Perfection!

Yes lip perfection it is! and it well honours its name…

I was looking for a bright summery shade inspired by the catwalks and new trends seen recently; I needed something that wasn’t washed down, neither a lip gloss because sometimes they can be a bit too heavy.

I found this little baby, Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Rapture (280) a very bright coral with a hint of metal;  Its creamy yet not greasy and leaves your lips super soft and sexy! The colours are vibrant and full of character from fresh and flirty pinks and corals to sexy and mysterious dark purples and browns, I love them all!!! and at $5.49 ( at Target) you can’t really ask for more.

I recommend it 100% but as always make sure when wearing a bright shade on your lips that your lips aren’t chipped or it can look clammed, also make sure it doesn’t compete with the rest of your face, keep it simple only blush and mascara for a Garden Fairy look or a Beach Siren look ( maybe add a touch of gold to the cheeks and top lip for a glimmering effect)