Picnic Penarth <3 Foodie Heaven in the Welsh Coast

Last weekend was my first foodie event since I arrived back in the UK. And oh boy, do the Welsh know their foodies! I attended Picnic Penarth, in Penarth, Wales.


Penarth is a town in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, 5.2 miles south-west from the city centre of the Welsh capital city of Cardiff and lying on the north shore of the Severn Estuary at the southern end of Cardiff Bay. I am in love with the area and hopefully, if all goes as planned I can move there into a lovely house/flat. But more about that later.

Picnic Penarth is a free, kid and dog-friendly congregation of fantastic local food trucks and restaurants offering delicious food “al fresco” thankfully the Welsh weather was on our side and it allowed everyone to enjoy in the sun (and some clouds now and then, you know, is the UK after all)

IMG_2766I was pleased to see so many dog parents with their furry babies, SO CUTE! the atmosphere was fun, relaxed and vibrant. The aromas emanating from each single corner of the place were amazing! Hard to decide which to try first. The queues were long, I am not gonna lie, I had to wait 20+ minutes for crispy avocado tacos but I promise you it was worth it.

So about those tacos. The Beaded Taco Truck had some Scrumpti-licious food! I went vegetarian with the super fresh, and tangy avocado tacos. Cooked to perfection with the delicate crispy tempura style avocados. No spice tho, but they had sauces you could add if you needed to add some fire to your meal. Two tacos for 6 pounds, perfect street food. LOVE THEM.

Then there is Pizza Pronto Team. These guys are amazing not only at making pizzas but at giving back to the community. (more on that in another blog post soon) Their fun, quirky pizza menu had them at the center of everyone’s (belly’s) attention. That and their giant vintage pizza sign and baby blue car.

Another winner for me (sweet tooth) was Dawn’s Pantry with their stricking looking cakes. I had a slice of heaven with their Strawberry Milkshake cake. The right amount of sweet, moist and tasty. The little sour rainbow gummy was a trip to childhood memories and a zesty bang to an amazing cake.

…Let’s not forget the Greek food truck, that although I did not try their food I saw many many satisfied fellow picnic goers finger licking and devouring their meaty treats.


And these fellows… with a burst of flavour and exotic spice…


Overall Picnic Penarth was an amazing foodie experience, filled with tasty treats, yummy food and a fantastic atmosphere. I am sure next year will be a blast too!

Do you know of any other foodie events around Cardiff? Let me know! (If vegetarian options available even better)

Until next time




Weekend Snapshots |5

Another weekend gone! and wait, wait, what? it is almost April already! Time flies, weeks go by so fast. Make memories, love your people, and hug your friends. That is exactly what I did this past weekend. My cool beans loca friend Ari from 3twentysix.com celebrated her 32nd Birthday on Saturday! She picked an epic location, we went to St. Arnold’s Brewery in downtown Houston. I was a little apprehensive about taking my 10-year-old son with me, because well, alcohol, but in the end, I decided it could be a good learning experience for him.


Let me first say Ariana has earned a special place in my heart. This girl will tell it how it is, she takes no BS from anyone, but at the same time is the most loyal friend ever. She is more than my HLB partner in crime (along with Connie) she is my Argentinian rock star! 😉


So off we went to St.Arnolds, I talked to my son the art of beer crafting (to my knowledge) He had his first “bar experience” and hung out like a pro with the adults. I believe in exposing children to culture and socially rich environments from young ages. I believe it creates a base for them to grow upon, and it gives them a glimpse to the adult world. Everything in moderation of course, after 3-4 hrs of this, he is ready to go back to his legos and video games, lol.

St. Arnolds opens at 11am on Saturdays and you have the option of 3 different tour times (12noon, 1pm, 2pm) You pay $10 per adult (children under 15 go free) for those $10 you get your entry, your tour, a glass and 4 beer tokens. You can redeem your 4 tokens at the bar using your glass and try any of their brews.

I generally don’t like the taste of beer. It is too bitter for me. I asked at St. Arnold’s and they recommended me one of their lightest beers called “The Boiler Room” with a shot of raspberry flavoring. Oh, joy! it is light like a British Shandy (Sprite and beer) with the tartness of the raspberry. I loved it! Later on,  I tried it with the blueberry flavouring, but raspberry was definitely my favorite.


Oh, Ari’s mom made the most delicious, scrumptious yummy Argentinian Empanadas. It has been a while since I’ve had any, and these were just SO good! Thanks for the treat!


My son, however, had a Veggie Burger from St. Arnold’s cafe. It was delicious! and super huge. Well worth the $12.


sSunday, we kept it small and family oriented. My husband, stepson, son and I,  went for an early lunch at Chilli’s – 2 for $20 menu is quite good for weekend lunches with kids. Then we went to watch Batman vs Superman. Eh, I have mixed reviews. The movie is too slow (especially if you are with kids) However, I loved, loved, loved Wonderwoman (of course) and Lex Luthor. But the movie, although it gives us an intro to what it’s to come, just didn’t cut it for me.

We also had a little Easter fun with an egg hunt (money eggs) and some easter buckets I had prepared for the boys 🙂



How was your weekend?



Weekend Snapshots | 4

Good morning! It’s officially Spring on this side of the hemisphere! And we are blooming. Make sure you go out there and enjoy the Spring it all its splendor. It is magnificent! This weekend we didn’t do as much as we have done other weekends since we had been busy all week with the Spring Break. Because of this weekend snapshots will also have some pictures of our Spring Break mini adventures.

So this is Spring Break Snapshots edition.

We did a little tour of the city (Houston) in the search for antiques and we ended up having a gorgeous meal at Andes Cafe in Houston. Andes Cafe serves Peruvian, Venezuelan, Bolivian, Ecuadorian, and Colombian foods. So basically the Andes belt countries. I love all of it! I grew up with Venezuelan cuisine so anytime I find some Venezuelan food I get excited. I took my son and my husband who both got the chance to taste some tostones, tequenos, cachapas, chaufa Peruana  and aji de gallina among other delish treats.


Houston has so many little places for the antique enthusiast. We feel in love with a vintage red couch ❤ and saw so many treasures. If you are into vintage, thrifting and antiques there are a few places around the Montrose area to explore.


Houston also has so many good photo op spots! We came across this graffiti too good to miss. It is right in the heart of Montrose between Empire Cafe and Agora.


Right in front of the graffiti we found The Artisan Vapor Company. The husband is working on quitting the nicotine, so he started vaping to ease out the transition. This place was awesome. Friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere, plenty of sitting and complimentary water or coffee is available. You get to try the different “juices” aka vapor flavors and strengths.


We also discovered a hidden gem in Houston – Thank you Coppelia from CoppeliaMarieBlog for the heads up. The Family Skating Center. We had a blast skating old school style. I admit I am pretty rusty, it has been way too long since I last attempted to skate. My little man had so much fun! At $6.75 per person (including gear) it is a very nice and active way to spend a few hours, especially when it’s raining or super hot since it is indoors.


During the spring break, we also did small indoor activities. We made our own playdough with salt, flour, food coloring and water. This is super sticky messy fun! and it’s so easy. We went to the park too, of course. Seeking our never ending connection with nature, and we came across some very cool flowers but I don’t know what they are. Do you?


We ended up our weekend with some chilling time, homemade Italian lunch on Sunday and so much needed rest.


I started reading “The Social Animal” by David Brooks, such a fantastic book if you are into communications, the human mind, and social interaction. We are social beings (granted some are more than others) and we exist to co-exist. There are so many quotes I want to share but I will start with this one. “A feeling of immediate contact with the past is a sensation as deep as the purest enjoyment of art; it is an almost ecstatic sensation of no longer being myself, of overflowing into the world around me, of touching the essence of things, of through history experiencing the truth” – in reference to re-visiting historic locations or being in the presence of antiques and old artifacts. I love history, I love old things so this really touched me.


Another interesting quote, this one about the convoluted and intertwined ways in which the social animal – aka, humans – work together as a whole ” We don’t teach this ability in school – to harmonize patterns, to seek limerence, to make friends. but the happy life is defined by these sorts of connections, and the unhappy life by the lack of them.” 

Anyway, perhaps I need to write an entire post just about this book.

This was our weekend and part of our week. How was yours?



Weekend Snapshots | 3

Another weekend of 2016, boom! gone! So many good things happened this weekend! I really do enjoy the Weekend Snapshots Series. It gives me a chance to sit down and reflect on all the things I did and accomplished over the weekend. It is a very good and gratifying exercise. The series was created by one of my favorite persons Ariana, from 3TwentySix. A few of us now link up with her every Monday for the Weekend Snapshots, so if you like what you see here, please do head over to her blog and see hers! Also, if you like all things Texas, Dogs, Pizza and Bike Riding related you definitely need to go see her pictures. Also linking up with Ariana for the series is Jessica! from THE REINVENTION OF JESSICA. Check her out she is cool beans! Also, I saw a sneak peek of their weekend and i forsee pictures of those two having fun around Htown.

Anyway, enough with the introductions already.

The weekend “officially” started Friday night with a veggie pizza and Maple Water with the Mr. I had read a lot about Maple Water so I was super excited when I saw it at HEB. Maple water has minerals and natural goodness! It is like regular water but better! My husband also had a try, but I don’t think he liked it much. In his words “water is not meant to taste like this” LOL I love this man, always willing to try anything and any “weird” healthy drink or food I bring his way haha. And yes, granted Maple Water has a hint of unexpected unsweet “mapleness” to it, but I liked it! lol, We did some research as we sat there sipping and wow! the water comes straight out from the Maple tree. You see the tree gets rid of all its water naturally every fall as it prepares for the winter.

It is pretty amazing. Because of this process, however, Maple Water isn’t cheap.


Saturday: We had our first Wellness and Beauty Event at Houston Latina Bloggers. It was a success! So happy to read so many good reviews from the attendants, and so glad it went well. We had some brilliant sponsors, and speakers and a lovely spring day. We were worried about rain since Houston had a pretty wet week. However, the weekend was beautiful, warm and sunny.


Sunday: Started the day with 32onz of Green Tea Chia Seed Limeade! I love Green Tea, I have been drinking two 32onz bottles a day, and today added a sprinkle of Chia to the mix!.

After that, it was spring cleaning time! My son has way too many Legos, seriously. It is possible to have too many Legos, the little things get everywhere. I cleaned his whole room, got rid of old, broken toys, random candy (what? why is that in his room) and all sorts. Legos are all in place! and his room looks nice and clean – let’s see how long that lasts.



An afternoon walk around the lake was the highlight of the day! A stunning sunset was captured on camera. Pinks, blues, soft light and the perfect timing to see a beautiful bird in mid-flight. I love nature!

Then a one-mile jog, hot shower and coconut tea! The end. It’s Monday again!


How was your weekend?



Weekend Snapshots | TWO

Another week another weekend! How do these go so fast? One minute its Monday and next thing .. its Monday again. no? only me? ok.. Well, this weekend was fun and educational. Saturday morning my son and I went to Nature Fest at Jesse Jones Park, in Humble. We loved it! The event takes place every year and its free of charge. Everyone was helpful and polite, there were a lot of kid-friendly activities, food, live music, snakes, tortoises, and many nature related things.

We learned about Texas Snakes, and also about the Monarch Butterfly. Did you know that: 

  • A black spot on an inside surface of its hind wing distinguishes the male Monarch butterflies from the females that have no such spot
  • The monarch butterfly does not have lungs; breathing takes place through tiny vents in the thorax or  abdomen called spiracles, and an organized arrangement of tubes called trachea, distribute the oxygen through the Monarch’s body system

After that, my little man and I went to see Zootopia at AMC Cinemas. Paid the little extra for the Dolby Cinema AMC Prime viewing and OMG. I don’t think I can do regular cinema anymore after this. The chairs recline with the touch of a button and there is so much leg room! The movie was amazing. It was funny, witty, clever, and cute. The storyline is entertaining for both parents and kids.

Sunday was Mother’s Day in the UK – the motherland – So since both my mum and I had kids in England we celebrate that date too! Hey, don’t judge me, I can have two Mother’s Days a year. So my dad made us a Venezuela brunch with arepas, black beans, eggs, fresh orange juice. It was delicious! Later on, my mum and I went shopping, because yes! what else can you do on Mother’s Day? I got a pair of Christian Siriano floral heels and hangbag(s) —- yes there was a sale!

Continuing with his chef-like abilities he made us Peruvian Aguadito and Roast Chicken for dinner. My husband had never had Aguadito before but it looks like he likes, so perhaps I need to learn how to make it too.

Anyway, here are my Weekend Snapshots, inspired to join by my favorite Argentinian-American partner in crime Ariana from http://www.3twentysix.com If you love dogs, all things Texas cool, fine beer and super awesome Tees you should go read her blog.

Nature Fest


Zootopia Time!


Venezuelan Brunch for British Mother’s Day


Christian Siriano Shoes and Bags


Peruvian Aguadito


Weekend Snapshots I

Hey, hey hey! How was your weekend? Mine was particularly busy and productive! Good busy though filled with flowers, outdoors, fresh air and a workshop by Lisa Carey for Houston Latina Bloggers Mentorship program. I learned so much that I finally did it! Hey! I am a dot com!! Onixj Healthy Living is finally all grown up! When I first started blogging I never thought it would grow so much, and for a very very long time I contemplated the idea of being a .com but I was so scared of the migration! So thanks Lisa for helping me figure it all out.

Due to this fantasticness! (is that a word?) I decided to link-up to my wonderful partner in crime, Houston Latina Blogger Ariana from http://www.3twentysix.com on her super cool Weekend Snapshots Series this week. So here we go! Sharing a little snapshot into my world, my tribe, my family and my passions.

First was my mom’s birthday on Friday! Yay! Happy Bday mom! We had a little cake at her house and things got pretty sticky! Saturday we woke up and had a game of scrabble in bed, and later the husband and I went to Lowes to pick some flowers; we saw fresh Kale in a pot! yeah pretty exciting I know, we are considering adding that to our kitchen garden whenever that happens… probably by summer. Then we took my mom to P.F Changs and had a stupid amount of food.

Sunday Funday was HLB time! Houston Latina Bloggers mentorship program, of which I only share a picture of a foodie concoction created by fellow blogger friend Sharon from Bitchy Business Briefs (she is hilarious and smart!) The rest of the Sunday the little dude, the husband and I spent at the Mercer Arboretum in Humble, TX. Some fantastic shots there! lots of fun BUT I dropped my iPhone and my screen is now cracked *sad face*

Anyway, enough words I leave you here with a few of my favorite Weekend Snapshots.