Bell Hook “Black Women: Shaping Feminism”

Comment on Bell Hook’s

“From From Margin to Center”

Chapter 1

“Black Women: Shaping Feminism”

While watching a TV program on PBS called, “Half the Sky: Oppression of Women around the World” which aired today, Oct 1st, 2012 at 8p.m.I pondered about the resonance of Hook’s writing in today’s world. Even today the inequalities of living conditions, culture, and economic status have a deep impact on a woman’s life. We cannot predetermine the impact of feminism as a doctrine without taking into account other environmental and cultural factors.  In the words of Bell Hook “Sexism as a system of domination is institutionalized but it has never determined in an absolute way the fate of all women in this society. Being oppressed means, there is an absence of choices.” (P. 486) Absence of choices is what many of these women (on the program) have to face every day. Feminism isn’t only about being able to break the glass ceiling. Is being able to have the chance to make choices. “Feminism is not about dressing for success, or becoming a corporate executive, … is not being able to share a two career marriage and take skiing vacations …because you have a domestic worker who makes all this possible for you” (P.488)

If the women’s movement is to move forward, we must as individuals and as women collectively understand the realms of feminism in terms of equality. We must get rid of the distorted images of feminism in order to provide “clear and meaningful alternative analyses in which relate to people/s lives and at providing active, accessible groups.” (p.488)

“If you educate a boy, you educate an individual. If you educate a girl, you educate a community.” African Proverb.

From Margin to Center
Bell Hook

 Jihane Rodriguez. MLA Student. Oct,2012.


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