Flash Fiction: Seawall

I can’t breathe.
I can’t move.
My eyes confused in a purple haze as colors and shadows begin to form. I can hear the water breaking against the rocks. I can feel the salty air invading my lungs, I can taste the ocean on my lips. Burning, teasing…
Everything is dark, and an obscure labyrinth takes possession of my mind. Slowly I can feel my legs, my arms, and my soul coming back.
I take a deep breath (inhale) … Exhale! a cloud of cold air. I see the full moon shining in the sky opening my view to the world and my mind. My hair – a mixture of seaweed and sand with raven curls and crystallized salt – I try to run my hands through it in vain.
My skin is pale and cold, but alive with electric energy. My lips are dry and chapped. I manage to sit up, struggling in the wet sand, and with my trembling hands, I reach out to my chest – an emerald – a beautiful shiny emerald in a gold string hanging from my neck. As my hands reach to touch the perfect edges of its carved body I can feel its energy buzzing, bold, bright, and so full of strength and light.
I see small specs of green and blue lights within the white foam – I rub my eyes – and I sit there motionless, in a deeply emotional comma simply staring at the green and blue lights. It is then when I start hearing it; a clear and magical voice singing in the distant. A soft, sad, enigmatic song in words that I am not sure I can understand.
I hear my name, like an echo, like a ghost.
“Aqua Clara of my soul”
Again, I can hear my name fused with the sound of the waves breaking against the shore.
“Follow your path,
come with the moon,
Aqua Clara of my soul”
What does it mean? Where is it coming from? I get up and I feel an urge to run straight into the ocean, into the deep blue cold unknown vastness of the ocean ahead of me.
As I reach the edge of the shore, I can feel the water against my clothes. I want to rip my shirt and my wet pants off. I want to feel free, I want to be one, I want to be in perfect sync with the currents. The emerald on my chest shines brightly and its perfect deep green color spreads out to every corner of my body. I begin to float in a pool of white foam and crystal clear waters. My body transforms slowly into a spectacular party of greens, purples, and blues with iridescent scales.
“Clara… princess of my world, welcome back to where you belong”
And as I go deeper into the ocean, I feel the water wrapping me like soft blue silk.

Jihane Rodriguez

All Rights Reserved 2015.

Source Unknown. The picture was taken from Pinterest. No Source was given

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