Flash Fiction “Wild Moon”

photo by Alejandro Montoya

Flash fiction 1000 words or less. Please note this story is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. and hence some local slang is used. e.i: “neet” = night “bird” = girl 

There is a fetid smell of wet dirt and piss. I growl and I don’t recognize myself. My legs are cold and my bones are sore. “Where am I?” I cannot remember what happened last neet (night). All I know is that I feel like shit. I can feel the rancid taste of metallic blood in my mouth and my head spins as I try to get off the ground. It’s cold and humid and I seem to be in the middle of the forest. A forest. Where am I?

Jesmond Dene? “Bloody hell how did I get here.” I can see a faint speck of sun through the trees as I stay there on the cold floor trying to reclaim my body. I look at my hands; my knuckles have obviously been through a fight. My fists are tense and my nails are filthy as fuck. As I inhale my lungs hurt as if my body has shrunk suddenly and I need room to breathe. Yet I can’t move. Soreness invades my body.

And then there are flashes, suddenly invading the labyrinths of my confused mind.

The ‘Gate’ in the toon. The ‘Big Market’. The pub, the people. The sudden darkness and the liberation of the soul. I remember the moldy cemetery next to the church and I remember running through Leazes Park in the dark, yet against the fullness of the moon. Guiding me. Caressing me, claiming me. “what the hell did them radgies give me, the muppets” I remember her, and her enigmatic blue eyes. And then a sharp pain in the middle of my temple makes me shut my eyes, forgetting it all at once. “argh, the bastard” .

“Ok so it’s time to get the hell out, somehow”

I hear steps approaching, cracking the leafs as they go. Instinctively I crouch ready to attack ignoring the fact that I am naked and unprotected. “well, well puppy, there you are… look at you all naked and vulnerable”

( well hello, whos this bird like?)

I stay guard; I say nothing, I just stare at her. She is also naked but looks perfect, apart from her muddy feet and some small branches entangled on her luscious red hair – she is perfection. Flawless white skin, without a single speck or freckle. She is petite yet she looks strong underneath her delicateness. And then I notice her deep blue eyes. Crystal clear like the sunny sky as she looks at me calm, yet with fire burning on her lips. We look at each other for a moment, intensively, and awaiting. She licks her lower lip and tilts her head to the left. “You seem keener last night” I am confused, and irritability crosses my eyes. I shake my head and try to get rid of the fog that invades me inside. “Poor puppy” she says with a soft smile. “Come on, we need to get some shelter and some clothes before someone notices us here.” She extends her hand to me and I feel an impulse to trust her and follow her even if I am not sure what or who she is. At least she is in the same forest, and under the same circumstances as me… Or so it seems. I touch her hand and an electric torrent runs through my body, and I look straight into her eyes, confused, looking for answers. “It’s ok…” she says confident, reassuring me as if she could feel my anxiety, my fear and the static pull her body had over mine.

She walked with ease through the trees and the cold dirt as she knew exactly where she was. Owning the forest, claiming it her own. We walked, holding hands for a few minutes in which I could not stop looking her behind until we got to a small shed embedded within the vegetation around us. “Inside” she commands and I follow like a puppy. We walk inside the shed. There are a few blankets arranged with mismatched white and brown cushions on the floor. There is some food, mostly fruit and cold meats on the other corner and some soapy warm water and a cloth. “Sit” she commands again and I don’t question her request. I feel safe with this stranger. I feel home. She washes me starting with my legs, patiently and slowly moving up. “Who are you?” I manage to say, even when her touch is sending me to another direction that does not require words. “My name is Mia… and that is all you need to know Daz.” (Shit. She knows my name). “Eat!” she says pointing towards the fruit on the floor, placed under some white plates. I reach out with my free hand as she keeps washing me. (It’s hard to concentrate, she is gloriously pretty, naked, bossy and above all, she is washing me by hand while I sit, naked, vulnerable and unsure of myself)

“Thank you…” I say. Looking into her eyes, trying to read her emotions. She moves closer, so close that her chest touches mine when I breathe. She sits right in front of me, between my now clean, washed legs and looks into my eyes. As she does, I can smell the forest in her skin. I can feel her breath on mine. Electricity runs through my body and I cannot hide my excitement – I swallow hard. She sniffs my face, slowly intoxicating me with her sensuality and my breath gets erratic. Wanting. Expecting.

“Look at me Daz” she mutters. And the instant I do, at such proximity with her hot skin against mine, I remember in a flash. Hot, carnal, animalistic, out of this world desire. I remember running free with an auburn-furred wolf, blue eyes, intense need. I remember blood, I remember teeth. I remember being one against the moonlight claiming our bodies.

I remember. And I need.

Mia? I asked as I realize. And we give ourselves in soul and body one more time… the only difference is, this time, we are humans, not wolves… Until the next full moon.

June 4th 2012. Until the next full moon…

©Jihane Rodriguez2012


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