The Modern Superwoman

We are expected to do it all.

We clean, we wash, we vacuum, we study, we look after the kids, make dinner,  and go to work (Oh and we have to look sexy while we do)… is this what pro-feminist have done to the rest of the female population? What ever happened with those days of yes cleaning, washing, vacuuming, and looking after the kids without the going to do EXTRA work outside the household? Yes we have more freedom to do whatever the hell we want and we don’t need men to maintain us, but we also have less family time and more rushed dinners in front of the TV. So where is the balance? Where do we cross the line and decide which one of all of the roles a modern woman has is the role that will define her as a woman.

My mother has always worked, she has never been the type of mums that would make you a cake, take you to the park and spend the afternoon making teddy bear picnics when I was young; no my mum was a working mum, a career woman, heels on, coffee on hand and well, plenty of alone time for me as a kid. I don’t blame her, she did what she thought it was right to do and we had everything we could possibly want (from the shop that is)

So, I am a different type of mum, I bake, I play, I get dirty and I even try to play football (soccer for you American people) but then again I am also a divorced mum so that might change things a little, and although I have worked (I have a Ba in Marketing and Media and I speak 3 languages) I always felt home time was far more rewarding, and at the minute I am out of work studying my MBA and doing freelance jobs online (hence the free time) but I  have to do it all myself; or it doesn’t get done due to the lack of husband. Which brings me to the other part of this article, why do married women don’t take charge at some things such as building a shelve or putting a curtain up?

My mum saw me struggle for about 35mins while I was putting the curtains up and her answer was: why don’t you just ask your dad? HELLO? Mother! What happen with you “independent, career orientated” attitude there? Can’t we put a curtain up?

So the big question is, can we do it all? Can we be  independent career women and also be dedicated to our family without compromising one or the other? My answer is no, we can’t; I mean yes we can do both but there is always one that will have more weight and it’s up to you to decide which one is more valuable for you as a woman and as a person. Bear in mind though, as an employee you are always replaceable, as a mother or wife… well its harder, at least of the mother part, the wife part  is a topic for a different discussion…



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