Do We (women) Create Jerks (men)?

As a young mother of  an infant boy I do wonder sometimes… Do we women create jerk men? Or is it a predisposed genetic and biologic composition that makes them jerks when they reach puberty?

My Ex is a jerk, and I often wonder if it is in my son’s genes to be one too, so I make sure I try to show him how to be a proper gentlemen but then I find myself wondering will some  “women” take advantage of him tomorrow?, after all women are far more aggresive nowadays so i can only imagine how they will be in 15years time… Why as women we protect our son’s interest knowing other women will suffer the consecuences?  are we in a cyclical unbalance that takes us to and from Jerk husbands and boyfriends to over nurtured sons?

So what to do?

Just follow your heart as a mother and hope for the best? One thing is important for me is to make sure my little bundle of joy is capable of showing his feelings. Guys is ok to be in touch with your soft side as long as you are also in touch with your harder, masculine self. Recognizing feelings is important, Emotional Intelligence plays a key part on child psychology and later in life will shape the way we deal with our feelings and others.

Giving them space to develop as individuals and making sure they show respect for their peers, the elders and specially girls is also important in order to prevent self-centred and rude men. And of course lots of affection.

A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a QUEEN

So do we really have the tools to make the men of tomorrow less jerks and more prince charming?  or is it biology hard to beat? Nurture vs nature theory might be applied… either way shall I blame my ex mother in law for the lack of respect her son shows to women? I certainly do! and I certainly will make sure my son doesn’t fall in that category.



4 thoughts on “Do We (women) Create Jerks (men)?

  1. Hello OnixJ!

    This is my opinion:

    Indeed, the way you raise your son is the way he is going to understand life when he gets puberty, so the hint is to treat him with pure love and respect, which is what will make him a real gentleman in the future.

    It is also truth that in 15 years from now, think can get twisted with woman, actually things ARE twisted right now, but if u raise him with love in the beginning, he will be enough smart to pick the correct girl for him to be with.

    Love is the correct path and non behavior is directly attached to a genetic theory.

    By: BlueMirage


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