Reasons Why I Can’t Live With You…

Reasons why I can’t live with you!

Some women fall head over heels for some men and in doing so they rush the whole “lets live together” experience; I know it all too well. At the beginning its all fine and dandy but after a while some cracks start to appear (and I don’t mean the ones associated with plumbers bums lol)

So some reasons why a OCD-ish* like person such as myself can’t live with a guy…(I can its just hard)

*May I make it clear I do NOT suffer from OCD (it’s not been proved anyway!) geeezz

1.       You Snore! Am sorry but sleep time is quiet time, is me time and in some occasions (with a man in site) is cuddle time, but how in earth am I going to get either quiet or cuddle time if you are snoring down my ears? Really a massive turn off.

2.       You feet stink… and you leave your dirty socks lying around the room. SO not sexy!

3.       Bathroom habits.. oh dear where should I start. Watery mess after shower time, are you a bloody whale? or  does a tsunami  happen every time you shower;  Leave the water IN or within the shower limits or clean your mess after… Left over beard hairs after shaving on the sink? So not cool you wouldn’t want to see my left over legs hair in the bath would you now?

4.       The eternal tea bag spot, ok for British guys, really can’t you put the little tea bag in the rubbish? It doesn’t belong on the bench babes…

5.       Lack of accuracy, Pee in the toilet. IN IT! Not around it, not next to it, not over it. IN IT!

Boys… you know we love you! And to be fair if we are madly in love many of these things will be insignificant… At least for the first few months  that is.

We women are like that, we complain, we whine, we “nag” but we can also ADAPT and compromise.

… i’ll through you some sugar soon guys…




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